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Jimin, Who? ARMYs Are Now Stanning for This BTS Member’s Alter-Ego, Alex Armanto

We all already know how creative the Bangtan Boys are. Oftentimes, that creativity has plenty to do with their comeback concepts. And sometimes, ARMYs get something like BTS Jimin’s Alex Armanto alter-ego video, instead. We’re not complaining!

Jimin, already a smooth operator at the age of 24, decided to debut an even smoother version of himself during a behind-the-scenes video for a BTS Map of the Soul 7: album photoshoot. The video was uploaded on March 12 after a series of comeback goodies, where the BTS crew let ARMYs in on everything from dance rehearsals to the making of their “ON” music video or “Black Swan” films.

In this edition, we get to see “3J”—a.k.a. Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope—posing for the third installment of concept photos that originally arrived in February. But turns out, Big Hit Entertainment still had something up their sleeve. They just introduced us to someone new altogether: Alex Armanto.

Now, if you’re wondering who the heck Alex Armanto is, then a) watch the clip below, and b) get ready for a deep-dive into Jimin’s latest masterpiece. ChimChim seemed to be having the time of his life during this photoshoot, and couldn’t help himself from letting his inner goof out. This leads us to meet Alex Armanto—Jimin’s super suave alter-ego.

As if it were part character development and part improv, Jimin introduces his concept character when J-Hope asked him for a name. “I’m J-Min from House of Alex. I’m of the House of Alex except my name isn’t Alex,” Jimin said. But then, of course, he went all James Bond on him: “The full name’s Alex Armanto J-Min.”

Soon enough, Jungkook was introduced as “Alex Armanto JK.” Always the “little brother,” Jimin took one look at Kookie’s photos as deemed him a member of the Alex Armanto family. “He is worthy of being my brother. He looks magnificent. It’s what our house is known for, Alex Parmandi,” Jimin said.

ARMYs, meanwhile, don’t know what to do with this new alter-ego other than swoon. One thing’s for sure: He pretty much oozes cool, so we hope he sticks around for a while.

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