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Must Read: Jimin's First Tiffany & Co. Campaign, How NBA Tunnel Walks Became the New Fashion Runway

Plus, what dupe culture means for luxury brands.

Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday. 

Jimin’s first campaign for Tiffany & Co. is here
On Monday, Tiffany & Co. unveiled Jimin‘s first official campaign as brand ambassador. He stars in the “This is Tiffany” ad spot alongside Zoë Kravitz and Gal Gadot. In images shot by Hyeawon Kang in South Korea, Jimin is seen wearing gold rings and a bracelet from the brand’s Tiffany T and Tiffany HardWear collections. “Our ‘This Is Tiffany’ campaign is an authentic homage to individual style,” said Alexandre Arnault, executive vice president of Tiffany & Co, in a release. “We may make the jewelry, but it’s house ambassadors like Zoë, Jimin of BTS and Gal who give meaning to the collections and make our pieces all their own.” {Fashionista Inbox}

Jimin for Tiffany & Co. 

Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

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How NBA tunnel walks became the new fashion runway 
Sports and fashion are becoming increasingly intertwined, especially as players like LeBron James have transformed game-day arrivals — known as “tunnel walks” — into red carpet-like moments, using their off-court style to express their individuality. This has created a demand for specialized stylists who can give basketball players a unique look and a marketing opportunity for brands. {Business of Fashion/paywalled}

What dupe culture means for luxury brands
It’s no secret that Gen Z is obsessed with dupes: Searches for them on TikTok have soared in the past two years, with the hashtag #dupe amassing 3.5 billion views. While these more price-sensitive products are gaining favor among younger demographics, they also have drawbacks. For one, most dupes are created by fast-fashion brands that don’t consider longevity. There’s also the issue of authenticity, with many dupes coming close to being counterfeit and infringing upon intellectual property. Vogue Business investigates the implications dupe culture has for luxury brands. {Vogue Business/paywalled}

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