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BTS’ Jimin Is the Ultimate Tease Thanks to a See-Through Tee Showing Off His Tattoo

ARMYs, you might need a glass of water because BTS’ Jimin chest tattoo photos certainly have us thirsty over here. Oh, and confused. True ARMYs know that it’s been years since Jimin first debuted his “NEVERMIND” tattoo—back in 2014, to be precise—but some fans have never been entirely convinced if the tattoo is actually permanent. Suddenly we see it again, so what gives?

There have been moments when the ink seemed to disappear from Jimin’s body completely; or was that just good stage makeup? Then again, other photos seemed to suggest that the tattoo was constantly, uh, changing. Sometimes it looked thicker, darker, or the lettering seemed a little off. Now the jury’s out all over again after ARMYs spotted a piece of the tattoo under Jimin’s sheer tee worn this week.

Jimin was sporting the see-through shirt while doing a live interview with iHeartRadio in Los Angeles. The boys are currently in the States following BTS’ Grammys 2020 performance alongside Lil Nas X earlier this week and remain in L.A. to rehearse for their U.S. comeback performance on the Late Late Show With James Corden airing on CBS on Jan. 28.

While with iHeartRadio, the group gathered to answer questions and drop clues about their forthcoming album Map of the Soul: 7, but soon enough, ARMYs were a little more focused on Jimin’s look.

The 24-year-old star had fans drooling thanks to his entirely see-through shirt. Many couldn’t help but thank the supreme gift that is BTS’ stylist, and also freak out over the fact that Jimin’s “NEVERMIND” tattoo is still on display. We don’t blame them.

It seems like BTS is having a see-through tee moment. BTS member J-Hope also wore a sheer shirt to the Grammys, sending many into a frenzy.

“whoever put hobi in that see through shirt,,, thank you,” wrote Twitter user @girlwithluv in a now-viral tweet.

As for Jimin’s tattoo, what do you think? I find myself in Twitter user @dolovesbts’ camp—it feels like this debate will simply last forever.


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