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The 23 Best Beauty Products Fashionista Editors Tried in February

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Each month, Fashionista editors try a *lot* of beauty products. And while not every formula we test is a winner, we’re constantly unearthing new favorites. Here, we’ve rounded up our latest hair, skin, fragrance, wellness and makeup discoveries — whether fresh-to-market drops or merely recent additions to our personal routines.

February was quite a month: a whirlwind of award show red carpets, fashion month highlights and Zendaya‘s back-to-back “Dune: Part Two” press tour serves. But through it all, team Fashionista also remained dedicated to expanding our beauty routines. (We really put that extra 29th day to use.)

Wintry weather was clearly doing a number on our skin, because this month’s picks are full of intensely moisturizing treatments for our dull faces, dry limbs and flaky lips. We also sought out a little escapism in the form of fragrance: New favorites include all things spicy, floral, gourmand and nostalgic. 

Keep scrolling to see (and shop) all our favorite beauty finds from February.

Josie Maran Sugar and Argan Oil Body Scrub in Vanilla Vibezzz, $29, available here: “From the non-cloying take on a vanilla scent to the smooth, cushiony layer of moisture it leaves behind on skin, this sugar- and argan-oil-based scrub is a full-on sensorial joyride. It’s also a super gentle way to exfoliate.” —Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Director

Tower28 Beauty Swipe All-Over Hydrating Serum Concealer, $22, available here: “This concealer actually looks and feels like my skin: It’s sheer enough that my freckles shine through, but offers just enough coverage that it tamps down any redness. It’s my go-to product for casual makeup days, and I set it with translucent pressed powder for long-lasting wear.” —Catie Pusateri, Contributing Writer

Baude Darkwave Utopia Body Wash, $36, available here: “This body wash features a unique scent, which, according to the brand, includes a super interesting mix of notes including ‘wet cut grass, gasoline and black hair dye,’ as well as salt and chlorophyll. I also find the soft, squishy bottle super fun to use and appreciate that the formula is pH-balanced, meaning it’s safe for intimate areas.” —Savannah Sitton, Contributing Market Editor

111Skin Nac Y²™ Recovery Mask, $160, available here: “I’m usually wary of using moisturizing masks since they tend to clog my pores, but my skin has been unbearably dry the last few weeks, so I took this one for a test drive. The silky formula feels light and breathable on my skin — so much so that I left it on overnight and felt nothing but glow-y in the morning.” —Brooke Frischer, Staff Writer

Dedcool Milk Eau de Parfum Travel Spray, $30, available here: “My search for a more grown-up scent to finally retire the fragrance I’ve been using for years has revealed a winner: Dedcool’s Milk. The pro-dairy name pulled me in, but the warm white musk made me stay. It’s a shift from the floral scents I typically wear, but the fragrance stays strong hours after the first spritz while not overwhelming the senses.” —Catie 

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Sleepair Intensive Repair Night Mask, $45, available here: “This overnight mask has officially become a permanent step in my nightly skin-care routine. The gel texture is so lightweight that it forms a soothing seal quickly, and I’m able to sleep on my side without worrying that my face will stick to my pillow. In the morning, I wake up with ultra-soft, subtly glow-y skin.” —Janelle Sessoms, Staff Writer

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint in Chill, $24, available here: “I already gave a full rundown on why I love this tiny little multi-tasker, so if you want to know the long version, you can read it here. The short version? It’s as fun to use as it is pretty.” —Steph

OurX Intensive Conditioning Compound, $36, available here: “After using this squalane- and humectant-laced mask exactly one time, my dehydrated curls looked shinier and bouncier. I also love that it takes only 10 minutes for a treatment, rather than the 30 minutes so many other formulas require.” —Andrea Bossi, Staff Writer

Innbeauty Project Extreme Cream, $48, available here: “Peptides are getting plenty of attention for their plumping, firming, skin-tightening abilities, and this silky moisturizer puts them to particularly good use. I’ve been using it obsessively on my neck, forehead and jawline to contour and generally hide the fact that I’m super overdue for a Botox re-up. I love that it’s also spiked with ceramides and leaves behind a super glow-y finish — the under-$50 price point and refillable packaging are nice bonuses, too.” —Steph

Glossier Full Orbit Entire-Eye Brightening Cream, $28, available here: “I’ve never really been an eye-cream girl, but this new launch from Glossier has me sold. This gel formula slicks under my eyes seamlessly without leaving any weird residue or feeling too heavy. After having used it for a month, I’ve noticed my undereyes feel and look significantly less dry, creating not just a healthy appearance but also a smoother base for my makeup.” —Brooke

Cyklar Body Cream, $58, available here: “This cream takes some rubbing in to absorb fully, but it’s super moisturizing and I love the very subtle scent of juicy prickly pear. My favorite part, though, is the heavy, luxe glass vessel that looks gorgeous on my vanity. I’ve been slathering it on every inch of me post-shower.” —Savannah

LED Esthetics Glotech Mask Pro, $399, available here: “This red-light therapy mask has been an amazing addition to my daily beauty routine. Using it regularly has helped lessen my recurrence of breakouts and fade my post-acne hyperpigmentation.” —Brooke

Vacation After Sun Eau de Toilette, $60, available here: “According to the brand, this scent features notes of aloe vera, green tea, ‘minibar gin,’ ‘resort towel plush’ and ‘open weave linen.’ To me, it just smells like a grown-up, less-saccharine take on Clinique Happy, the ultimate nostalgic vacation scent of my youth.” —Steph

Good Light Taste of Space Lip Milk, $16, available here: “This lightweight lip ‘milk’ glides on like a serum and then quickly absorbs to help lock in much-needed hydration. Formulated with panthenol and mango seed butter, it’s ultra-moisturizing and soft — plus, I love that it smells like raspberries.” —Catie

House of M Saffron Miracle Serum, $98, available here: “This oil-based formula, which has actual bits of saffron floating in it, has helped nurse back my skin from wintry dryness. It’s also helped calm redness and even out my skin tone, probably thanks to the ingredients’ brightening and anti-inflammatory properties.” —Andrea

Kopari Travel Size Sun Shield Body Glow Gel SPF 50, $18, available here: “I know we’re still in the middle of winter, but I’m a firm believer that wearing sunscreen is a year-round practice. This travel-size SPF is always in my tote bag in case I forget to apply it in the morning. It has a non-greasy, lightweight gel texture that’s completely dark-skin friendly, and I love how it doesn’t stick to my clothes.” —Janelle

HigherDOSE Get Salty Topical Magnesium Spray, $35, available here: “I first heard about magnesium spray in a TikTok, which inspired me to try out this topical spray, which I tend to use post-workout or before bed. I notice that after using it, my muscles generally feel less sore.” —Andrea

Fulton & Roark Matia Extrait de Parfum, $205, available here: “I tend to favor floral fragrances, but this spicy, woody scent has given my usual favorites a run for their money. It’s alluringly aromatic, and it’s so potent I only need a couple of spritzes to the wrists to last me through the day.” —Janelle

Monastery Gentle Retinol Cream, $110, available here: “Within just a few nights of using this retinol-spiked moisturizer, the pores on my usually oily T-zone became less gunk-y and visible. I did experience some dry flakiness when I first began incorporating it regularly, but switching to the sandwich method helped correct for that. I’m not usually one for fragrance in my skin care but the natural floral notes in this formula are really nice.” —Savannah

Bulgari Allegra Baciami Eau de Parfum, $280, available here: “This Bulgari scent embodies everything I tend to look for in a fragrance: It’s lightly floral and amber-y, with unmissable undertones of vanilla. Plus, it lasts on my skin all day.” —Andrea

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Intense Hydration with Vitamin C, $25, available here: “I’ve tried an endless rotation of lip oils and balms to soothe my perpetually chapped lips, and Laneige’s lip mask the one true cure I’ve found. I slather it on before bed, and in the morning, I wake up to plump, soft, hydrated lips, with not a crack or dry area in sight. I’ve even started wearing it during the day, and thanks to its slight sheen it’s become a great alternative to my usual daily lip gloss.” —Janelle

Nusa Holistick Matahari Youthful Oil, $59, available here: “I love using an oil as the last step in my skin-care routine to really seal all my other products and lock in moisture, and this one has become my go-to. A little goes a long way, and I enjoy the slightly spicy, earthy scent.” —Savannah

Rael PMS Cramp & Bloat Supplement, $15, available here: “Lately, when PMS symptoms and bloating have been kicking my ass, these supplements have been helpful. They don’t get rid of everything, but thanks to the mix of turmeric, ginger and black pepper, I do find myself feeling less bloated, and I also appreciate the inclusion of nutrients like magnesium and vitamin D, which I’m probably lacking anyway.” —Andrea

In case you missed last month’s picks, you can find them here:

Well People Lush Lip Tinted Oil, $12, available here: “Well People’s entrant into the growing lip oil category boasts plant-derived ingredients and comes in four classic shades. To me, it’s perfectly subtle in every way: Even the deepest tint is quite sheer; it has almost no scent (which I prefer) and it doesn’t feel at all heavy or sticky — just soft and smooth.” —Dhani Mau, Editor-in-Chief

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