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The 31 Best Beauty Products Fashionista Editors Tried in March

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Each month, Fashionista editors try a *lot* of beauty products. And while not every formula we test is a winner, we’re constantly unearthing new favorites. Here, we’ve rounded up our latest hair, skin, fragrance, wellness and makeup discoveries — whether fresh-to-market drops or merely recent additions to our personal routines.

Before April showers head our way and dampen the budding spring season, team Fashionista is celebrating the extra dose of sunlight with some refreshing beauty discoveries.

Fruity and floral fragrances caught our attention this month, while scented body lotions and scrubs supplemented our shower routines. From lip oils to plumping glosses to smoothing treatments, our editors found new formulas to pamper our lips as well. We also took a moment to care for our hair with a hydrating bond-repairing mask and an oil balancing serum to leave greasy hair in the past.

Ahead, see (and shop!) all of our favorite March beauty finds.

Fara Homidi Essential Face Compact, $88, available here: “At first I was a bit confused by this two-pot compact, which includes a fairly standard balm highlighter and a cream that the brand touts as ‘more than a concealer, less than a foundation’ that’s decidedly less straightforward. But after one use, I totally got it — and was utterly hooked. The intensely pigmented, amazingly blendable cream easily covers imperfections like a full-coverage foundation, but buffs out seamlessly, creating a natural, skin-like finish that tamps down shine but doesn’t go full-on chalky matte. Used strategically to spot cover, it renders the need for additional concealer or foundation unnecessary. I’m also in love with the translucent, beautifully glow-y highlighter.” —Steph Saltzman, Beauty Director

Bread Beauty Supply Clear-Wash Clarifying Detox Shampoo, $24, available here: “As someone with fine, curly hair, I know I need to use a clarifying shampoo occasionally to keep oil, product and hard-water residue from weighing down my scalp and strands, but I avoid it because of how drying they can be. Bread thankfully came out with a solution that removes build-up without stripping hair, and instead reinforces it with amino acids and hydrating extracts. Also: it’s pink!” —Dhani Mau, Editor-in-Chief

Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Mask, $13, available here: “This overnight lip treatment has replaced every other lip product on my nightstand. It’s pleasantly heavy in the sense that it won’t easily slide off, but not sticky, so it doesn’t clump or goo together. The blend of shea butter, avocado and jojoba oils is super moisturizing, and I love the vanilla scent.” —Savannah Sitton, Contributing Market Editor

Dae Fairy Duster Volumizing Dry Shampoo Powder, $30, available here: “I have previously only ever used aerosol dry shampoos, so this puff-on powder was brand-new territory for me and my perpetually oily hair. Dry shampoos have historically given my hair a one-day refresh, but this formula exceeded my expectations: It soaked up my hair’s excess oil while adding a boost of volume that lasted a couple of days (without the need for reapplication!). Besides the all-pink packaging, the best part is the sweet, citrusy scent.” —Catie Pusateri, Contributing Writer

Eadem Cashmere Peel Gentle Exfoliating AHA Toner, $42, available here: “This is a peel for anyone who’s scared of peels: The creamy formula soothes and moisturizes with panthenol, rice water and colloidal oatmeal as it exfoliates with a potent-but-gentle mix of lactic, azelaic and tranexamic acids. With continued use, it creates a more even, smooth, glow-y complexion — without any of the redness, irritation or dryness associated with other harsh exfoliators.” —Steph

111Skin Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Mask (Pack of 5), $135, available here: “This sheet mask has been my go-to whenever my skin seems more breakout-prone or clogged than usual. The lightweight serum on it contains green tea to fight inflammation, glycerin for moisture and lactic acid, willowherb and microalgae to balance skin’s oil production and inhibit breakouts.” —Brooke Frischer, Staff Writer and Social Lead

Lys Beauty Skin Loyalty Setting Spray, $24, available here: “I often struggle with getting my products to layer correctly, especially when it comes to avoiding cakey undereye concealer. This spray, however, helps keep everything glow-y and in place, (especially when I top it off with Fenty’s blotting powder).” —Andrea Bossi, Staff Writer

Nette Pear Jam Eau de Parfum, $120, available here: “I’m normally neither a fruit-y nor a floral perfume girlie (vanilla, sandalwood and musk all the way), so I was surprised when it was love at first sniff with this pear-and-rose-scented juice. The prime note of Japanese pear is bright and crisp, while the Bulgarian rose brings a subtle complexity. Vanilla, white peach and a unique ‘raspberry pulp’ note bring that jamminess referenced in the scent’s name, but the overall effect is one that’s more fresh and airy than overly sweet.” —Steph

Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Lotion, $28, available here: “I’m super particular when it comes to body lotion, namely because I’m pretty dedicated to Bath & Body Works. This one, however, has certainly found its way into my heart (and post-shower routine). It’s lightweight, moisturizing, effortlessly absorbs into my skin (with no trace of residue) and boasts a subtle citrus fragrance that can’t help but get me into a summer state of mind.” —Janelle Sessoms, Staff Writer

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Overnight Eye Serum, $46, available here: “I don’t really have sensitive skin, but the skin around my eyes is definitely more prone to irritation, which can make trying new eye creams tricky business. But it was love at first dab with this eye-specific riff on Summer Fridays’ first and most iconic product. Spiked with multiple ingredients to both hydrate and moisturize (glycerin, ceramides, squalane and vitamin E), it also contains a ‘gentle retinoid blend’ of retinol and retinyl linoleate that helps firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines without triggering flare-ups. To me, the texture is pleasantly balm-like more so than serum-esque, forming a superlight cushiony feeling that seems to really seal everything in (just what you want in an overnight product).” —Steph

Amika Smooth Over Frizz-Fighting Treatment, $32, available here: “I love a good hair mask or glossing treatment, but sometimes leaving something on for 10 minutes is not realistic, so I love that this product offers visible benefits in just one minute. My hair is genuinely smoother and shinier after I use it.” —Dhani

Kaja Dewy Bar Blush & Lip Balm in Grapefruit Gelato, $25, available here: “Continuing my love for a rosy flush, Kaja’s Dewy Bar delivers a soft sheen that immediately upgrades my everyday makeup look. It’s hard to believe I used to be averse to blush — now, my routine isn’t complete without a touch of pink on my cheeks. I swipe the buildable cream blush onto my cheekbones and blend it into my hairline for a seamless wash of dusty rose. Plus, it doubles as a quick lip color, too.” —Catie

D.S. & Durga Black Magenta, $210, available here: “I had no doubts I’d like the latest perfume from the independent perfumers who brought us Pasta Water and Pistachio scents, but it turns out I love the newbie. Black Magenta has something sweet, sultry and seductive about it. Between the mix of fruity, tobacco and amber notes, I feel bold when I wear this.” —Andrea

Lisa Eldridge Kitten Lash Mascara, $36, available here: “Mascara is easily the makeup product I’m pickiest about, but makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, expert that she is, can do no wrong: This new mascara from her eponymous line delivers extreme length and beautiful separation without smearing, flaking, smudging or causing my sensitive eyes to turn watery and red after a few hours. I also love that the rubber spoolie is curved, with tiny, cone-shaped teeth that make it easy to get in there and catch every single lash.” —Steph

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream, $13, available here: “Though this cream may not be the sleekest product in my beauty stash, it’s easily the most impactful: This month’s climatic indecision seriously angered my eczema-prone skin, and this thick body cream packed with colloidal oatmeal came to its rescue. I slather myself in this anytime I sense a flare-up coming on and it quickly soothes irritation without any fragrances or steroids.” —Catie 

Being Frenshe Eau de Perfume – Cashmere Vanilla, $37, available here“All of the scents I’ve experienced from Ashley Tisdale’s brand have been beyond lovely, but this vanilla one has stood out the most for its comforting and relaxing ethos. I particularly love it as a perfume on days when my energy is leaning in a cozy and quiet direction.” —Brooke

SheaMoisture Bond Repair Hair Masque, $14, available here“This reparative mask from SheaMoisture’s newest line focuses on repairing the bonds in, specifically, curly and coily hair. After using it a couple of times, letting it soak into my strands for about 10 minutes, my curls looked shinier and felt softer. To be honest, I haven’t been taking care of my hair lately, but this mask is forgiving.” —Andrea

Experiment Softwear Smoothing Lip Treatment, $16, available here: “Most lip balms work simply as occlusives, trapping moisture in the skin; but what makes this a lip treatment rather than just a balm is its three-pronged approach to hydrating, exfoliating and protecting lips. It relies on a gentle chemical exfoliator (AHA) to smooth away dry patches, while squalane, pomegranate sterols and petrolatum moisturize and occlude. It wasn’t until after I used it that I realized how much I apparently needed it — my lips have simply never felt so soft.” —Steph

Biolage Scalp Sync Oil Balancing Serum, $26, available here: “With Fashionista as my witness, 2024 will be the year I finally get my oily hair under control. After washing my hair, I massage a drop of this serum into my roots and repeat this process a few times around my scalp. Since I’ve incorporated this lightweight serum into my hair-care routine, I’ve been able to go longer between wash days without my hair feeling weighed down or appearing greasy.” —Catie

Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liner in Surfside, $32, available here: “This eyeliner is the creamiest pencil formula I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot). I love that it comes with a smudge tool on the other end to really perfect that ‘indie sleaze’ type of smoky eye, but with a little more precision. The pigment is unbelievably vibrant and does not budge throughout the day. The color is so pretty, I’ll sometimes treat it as an eye shadow stick.” —Brooke

Youth To The People Superfood Skin Drip Smooth + Glow Barrier Serum with Kale + Niacinamide, $39, available here: “The fluctuating weather has recently left my skin needing extra moisture, and this hydrating serum has come to its rescue. Formulated with dandelion root, niacinamide, kale extract and cold-pressed broccoli seed oil, Superfood Skin Drip has a milky texture that quickly soaks into my skin and leaves a dewy finish. As an added bonus, it also works well underneath makeup (no pilling!) for that inner-glow look.” —Catie

Naked Sundays CabanaGlow SPF50 Illuminating & Bronze Duo, $70 $60, available here: “This duo solves so many issues I face: wanting to look tan but needing to use SPF, wanting an even skin tone without looking like I’m wearing makeup, and my resistance to self-tanners because they make me break out. I often combine these two shades for the perfect subtly tan, glowy, no makeup-makeup look and have not encountered any pore-clogging issues. That’s a lot of wins.” —Dhani

Laneige Water Bank Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturizer, $40, available here: “I am ride-or-die for the original Laneige cream moisturizer formula, but when I went to restock I accidentally grabbed the brand’s new ‘intensive’ version. The formula is puddy-like, as opposed to the lightweight cream I’m used to, but I’ve loved the extra punch it packs in its moisture delivery. It’s the perfect finishing touch to my nighttime routine and leaves me feeling hydrated and fresh when I wake up in the morning.” —Brooke

Homecourt Mandarin Basile Candle, $65, available here: “The arrival of spring always makes me want to immediately pile my plate full of fresh herbs: I love a basil-heavy caprese salad, and karpas (parsley dipped in salt water) is my favorite part of the Passover seder (other than the five cups of wine, of course). This refreshing candle — which is scented with notes of mandarin peel, ginger, green basil and fig leaves — evokes the lovely herbaceousness of the season, minus the need for Claritin.” —Steph 

Saltair 5% AHA Serum Deodorant in Seascape, $12, available here: “This roller-ball deodorant contains notes of grapefruit, ylang ylang and white sand for a breezy fresh fragrance that holds up throughout stress sweat — a major feat as someone who is always stressed and therefore often nervously sweating. In addition to fighting odor, it’s also formulated with mandelic acid, niacinamide, lactic acid and PHA to brighten discoloration and reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs.” —Catie

Christian Louboutin Loubidoo Eau de Parfum, $200, available here: “With just a few spritzes, this fragrance imbues me with the scent of roses and cedar all day long. The other thing I love, which is true for all Christian Louboutin scents, is each bottle’s unique charm caps. This one’s lucky cat is a favorite.” —Andrea

Nudestix Lip Glace Nude 04, $28, available here: “This lightweight, silky tinted lip gloss makes my lips feel so soft and has one of the best plumping effects I’ve ever experienced. It’s become an amazing nude lipstick alternative for the days I don’t want such heavy color.” —Janelle

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub Fresh Strawberry, $30, available here: “I’ve been an obsessive fan of First Aid Beauty’s KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub for years, but one of my only gripes about the super-effective skin softener was that it didn’t offer the same luxuriously sensorial shower experience of some other gourmand-scented scrubs. So I was pretty much first in line when I saw that the brand was introducing a leveled-up, fruit-scented version of my same beloved formula: It’s everything I love about the original, plus a summery strawberry scent.” —Steph

Paris Hilton Fragrances Ruby Rush, $75 $53, available here: “As I’ve mentioned before, I typically prefer floral fragrances, but this one has me open to a fruitier scent. Its notes of juicy cherry, hibiscus nectar, raspberry blossoms and red dahlia result in a delightfully tropical fragrance that I can’t wait to wear all summer long.” —Janelle

Facile Destress Calming Serum, $33, available here: “Now that I’m on my second bottle, I can co-sign the brand’s ‘it’s like a chill pill for stressed skin’ tagline for this serum. The milky formula calms irritation with the help of chamomile and comfrey, while also hydrating and balancing with niacinamide.” —Savannah 

Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow Lip Oil, $40, available here: “As a lip gloss girl, I love the moment lip oils are having right now. They have a similar, shiny effect but can be more moisturizing, too. What I love about Guerlain’s new oil is that it’s also a lip stain of sorts. Even when the oil dries up, my lips have a livelier tint to them.” —Andrea

In case you missed last month’s picks, you can find them here:

Josie Maran Sugar and Argan Oil Body Scrub in Vanilla Vibezzz, $29, available here: “From the non-cloying take on a vanilla scent to the smooth, cushiony layer of moisture it leaves behind on skin, this sugar- and argan-oil-based scrub is a full-on sensorial joyride. It’s also a super gentle way to exfoliate.” —Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Director

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