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39 Weed-Related Items for the Cultivated, Stylish Stoner

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Can you hear that? The click of endless lighter flicks weaving between the clouds? Happy 4/20, my fellow stoners! It’s a palindrome year (4/20/2024 is the same backwards and forwards!), which won’t happen for another millennium, so why not celebrate with some new weed and weed-adjacent beauty, fashion and home items? Whether you’re 4/20 shopping for yourself or a loved one, this is a good place to start.

The market for cute and chic cannabis stuff remains at an all-time high, with everything from stash jars and bongs that moonlight as art, edibles in “Top Chef”-esque flavors, funky lighters of all shapes and sizes, CBD-spiked lip balms and patches. (I also maintain that candles are a good, non-“SNL”-skit-worthy gift in this scenario.) Also, I included some items that are very simply a little green, maybe a little groovy, because, to quote Florida’s most famous theater kid… “Yes, and?”

By the way, if you missed Last Prisoner Project‘s 420 Unity Day of Action, you can still support and take action to free people who are still in jail over cannabis charges. Join the letter writing campaign, download social media graphics or donate here. We’re not free until we’re all free.

Happy shopping! (And smoking.)

Borntostandout Mary Jane Eau de Parfum, $205, available here
This new perfume release is described as an “icy, tangy and potent blend of cannabis, mint and pine liqueur.”

Hanifa The Original Candle, $48, available here
Like I said, we don’t candle shame here, and of course Hanifa would come out with a candle that sounds as delicious as its clothes look. Scent notes include mandarin, orange blossom, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and jasmine sambac.

Edie Parker Gum Lighter in Edie Stripe, $10, available here
No one does kitschy weed stuff like Edie Parker. This lighter is just so nostalgic and fun.

Zadig & Voltaire Anya Rainbow Cardigan, $398, available here (Size XS-L)
Well, say yes to some drugs.

Best Friend’s House Smell Proof Stash Bag, $17, available here
This smell-proof nylon pouch should help keep your goods safeguarded from wandering noses.

Blunt Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter, $9, available here
This hydrating treatment combines hemp seed oil with four different plant butters (cocoa, murumuru, cupuacu and mango) to protect lips. It also features a herby, natural shiso flavor.

Boy Vienna Scorpio Incense Sticks, $32, available here
These incense sticks look like cigarettes!!!!!!!!! They’re also a blend of sage (not white sage), lavender and rosemary.

Brandon Blackwood Wooster Wallet in Green Oil Leather, $145, available here
Truly just the perfect shade of green from noted cannabis enthusiast, Brandon Blackwood.

ShopSherbert Custom Cake Grinder, $32, available here
These handmade grinders come with different cake base, icing and topper options ranging from narwhals to strawberries.

Burning Love Flash Art Rolling Tray Stash Box, $16, available here
Burning Love collaborated with Nashville tattoo artist Courtney O’Shea on the art for this gorgeous stash box that doubles as a rolling tray.

Callahan Callahan Boobs & Butts Dry Pipe Ritual Set, $230, available here
Definitely not your grandmother’s dry pipe — unless your grandmother is really awesome.

No Coast’s Pâte De Fruit Vanilla Pear’adise Edibles, $25, available here
These 5 mg Delta-9 gummies come in multiple fun flavors, but my favorite is the vanilla, pear and balsamic vinegar combo.

Club Exx Sharp Sheriff Shine Cowboy Boots, $168, available here
I mean, of course.

Phlur Mood Ring Eau de Parfum, $99, available here
Why not cover up how loud you smell with a fruity floral scent where the main note is fruit gummies?

Session Goods It’s 4:20 Nigiri Bundle, $250, available here
Yes, that is a pipe that looks like shrimp nigiri with a matching bong and all the accessories you could ever need. 

Flintts Mints Cotton Candy, $30, available here
In years of doing these weed gift guides, I’ve never been asked about anything more about the Flintts Mints, and, yes, they do actually make your mouth water and help combat dry mouth. The limited-edition cotton candy flavor is my absolute favorite.

My Bud Vase Jewel Vase Bong in Sapphire, Topaz, or Emerald, $200, available here
Love a bong that doubles as a vase in its off-season. 

TokeSeven Custom Vape Charm, starting at $15, available here
A vape charm won’t stop you from losing it every day in your couch and/or bed, but with virtually endless adorable customization options, you can tell yourself it will.

Gossamer The Nesting Set, $165, available here
I love this ashtray, pipe, one-hitter combo from Gossamer in a gorgeous shade of milky green.

Warby Parker x Theophilio Shaunie Sunglasses in Soursoup, $145, available here
Black Fashion Fair’s exclusive colorway for the truly excellent Warby Parker x Theophilio sunglasses collab is the perfect shade of green with which to shield your bleary eyes. (Color theory! Green cancels out red.)

Sundae School Dusty Pink Charm Pocket Baby Tee, $50, available here (Size XS-L)
That pocket is for your joint or vape, and that’s why Sundae School remains the best.

Nowadays High Dose THC Drink, $80, available here
Nowadays’ Delta-9 drink went viral on TikTok during the “sleepy girl mocktail” moment, but I personally prefer the fruity beverage mixed with a Mexican jamaica or tepache. 

Sunday Forever Design a Custom Lucky Charm Bracelet, starts at $32, available here
Please note the gold cannabis leaf charm option when building a bracelet at Sunday Forever! The rest is up to you, but it’s an excellent start.

Beyoncé Hold ‘Em Ashtray, $30, available here
I love that Beyoncé continually finds new and interesting ways to take our money.

Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser in Pink, $600, available here.
Kacey Musgraves may be over gravity bongs, but I’m not. And I can’t imagine it gets better than a hot-pink one that’s portable and also doubles as a hookah and cocktail smoker.

Gotham Goods Lo-Fidelity CBD Roller, $45, available here
The light vetiver scent in tandem with the CBD in this perfume roller is super relaxing. I keep it in my purse to rub on my wrists when I’m trying to ground myself.

Grover Rad Chronic Silk Top, $420, available here (sizes XS-L)
This sleeveless silk top features an 18th-century drawing of a sativa cannabis plant from the London Natural History Museum.

House of Puff LES Lighter Set in Bourgeois Black, $32, available here
A slick, black combo of a match holder/striker and a hemp wick holder? Yes, please.

Weekenders x Wolfum Travel Backgammon, $125, available here
The vibes are perfect with this gorgeous travel backgammon kit from pre-roll brand Weekenders and Wolfum.

Leeann Huang Fruit Sticker Lenticular Mini Handbag, $225, available here
Protect the goods (i.e. your munchie snacks).

Zodica Perfumery Aries Zodiac Hair Perfume Serum, $20, available here 
Mary Jane is an Aries, and this hair perfume (with notes of cinnamon, blackberry, tobacco flower, amber, vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood and musk) will definitely help distract from whatever else you might smell like. (Said with love.)

Edie Parker Burn Shoulder Bag in Rainbow Tweed, $425, available here
The one and only Leighton Meester fronts the campaign for Edie Parker and St. John’s rainbow-tweed collab version of the brand’s infamous purse with a retractable lighter. “Gossip Girl” is the obvious callback here, but I would argue it’s more “Single Parents”. (Justice for “Single Parents”!!!)

Yew Yew Cloud Case, $75, available here
Keep two joints and a lighter safe with this adorable and discreet pink, green or blue case from Yew Yew.

Houses and Parties Set of 4 Pearl Cigarette Holders, $48, available here
I’ve never seen anything more Old Hollywood in my life.

Milk Makeup Kush Hydrating Sheer Lip Oil in Green Dragon, $26, available here
Milk’s latest Kush offering is a hemp seed oil-based hydrating lip oil. “Green Dragon” reads as green in the tube, but is a clear tint spiked with sage and peppermint.

Skeem Designs Match Cloche in Mulberry, $34, available here
These hand-blown match cloches, inspired by vintage Japanese glass domes, also feature a striker flint for functionality.

Thorne Emerald Eye Key Clip in Gold, $88, available here
Never singe your fingertips again with this crocodile key clip that doubles as a necklace.

Fleur Marché Relief, Plz. Patches (4-pack), $22, available here
This transdermal patch is loaded with 20 mg of hemp, as well as peppermint oil to relieve pain.

Valfré Sun Is High Woven Tote Bag, $42, available here
“Me!!!” she says to herself, writing this guide alone in her apartment.

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