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The 24 Best Beauty Products Fashionista Editors Tried in August

Photo: Courtesy of Cocokind

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Each month, Fashionista editors try a *lot* of beauty products. And while not every formula we test is a winner, we’re constantly unearthing new favorites. Here, we’ve rounded up our latest hair, skin, fragrance, wellness and makeup discoveries — whether fresh-to-market drops or merely recent additions to our personal routines.

It happens every year: We blink, and summer has flown by. But team Fashionista is unfazed: We’re ready to lean into coziness again, and that’s already begun to manifests in our evolving beauty routines in the last few weeks. We’re embracing sweetly scented candles, auburn lip colors and skin-coddling face creams even before the temperatures officially start to cool down.

In August, Fashionista editors also discovered a favorite cozy candle to ring in the new season, a new obsession-worthy brow gel and skin saviors that are helping our faces transition from summer to fall.

Keep scrolling to see (and shop!) our latest favorite beauty finds.

Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment in Rhode Vanilla, $16, available here: “While I try to not be the most easily-influenced person on earth, I can’t stay away from these peptide lip treatments. Vanilla is my favorite scent by far, with just the right sweet- but-not-too-sweet cake-inspired aroma.” —Olivia Novato, Editorial Intern

Cocokind AHA Jelly Cleanser, $19, available here: “The ‘jelly’ descriptor in this product’s name was partly what drew me in in the first place, and the bouncy, lightweight gel texture doesn’t disappoint. Neither does the gentle exfoliating, pore-clearing effect of the combination of AHA and BHA sourced from natural ingredients, like hibiscus flower and fermented grape extract.” —Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Director

Youthforia Date Night Skin Tint Serum Foundation, $48, available here: “I usually don’t wear foundation, but this formula is making me consider changing my mind. It’s a lightweight and buildable product with a glass-looking finish. I like how it covers my blemishes while not irritating my sensitive skin.” —Andrea Bossi, Staff Writer

Peace Out Instant Pore Perfector, $28, available here: “I can genuinely say this is a skin-care product I never knew I needed, and one that delivers on its promise of both instant and long-term results via ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, mushroom extract and malic acid. I’m most impressed with its ability to make my skin look significantly smoother, calmer, more matte and more even-toned under makeup, without being at all drying or pore-clogging, or pilling over my other products.” —Dhani Mau, Editor-in-Chief

Forvr Mood Champagne Showers Candle, $42, available here: “Jackie Aina recently refreshed Forvr Mood’s candle lineup, and ‘Champagne Showers’ seems to be the runaway hit according to what’s (often not) in stock. It imbues lovely peaches-and-cream sweetness without being too saccharine, and the reformulation burns super cleanly.” —Liza Sokol, Sr. Audience Development Manager

The Inkey List Caffeine De-puffing + Dark Circle Eye Cream, $11, available here: “My guilty pleasure is staying up late to read sappy romance novels. Unfortunately, that means I often wake up with puffy eyes, so I’ve been using this lightweight, inexpensive eye cream to help soothe my morning puffiness and rehydrate the skin under my eyes. Catch me staying up even later now that I have it in rotation.” —Catie Pusateri, Editorial Intern

Rare Beauty Brow Harmony Flexible Gel, $17, available here: “As an avid Rare Beauty fan and eyebrow-focused individual, I’m so excited to report that this is genuinely the best eyebrow gel I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried most of them). It’s completely transparent and lightweight, but packs one of the strongest holds I’ve experienced. The formula stays clear as it dries down, without leaving behind white flakes or unnaturally stiff-looking hairs.” —Brooke Frischer, Staff Writer

Summer Fridays Cushion Cream, $52, available here: “Between SPF, sweat and stress, my summer skin had been suffering from dryness and dullness — until I tried this intensive new moisturizer. Dubbed ‘cushion’ cream for its ultra-rich texture and bounciness, it packs hyaluronic acid to impart hydration and a dewy texture without clogging my pores. I predict that it will become even more of a skin-saver in the dry winter months ahead.” —Savannah Sitton, Contributing Market Editor

Lux Unfiltered No. 15 Soothing Lip Serum, $24, available here: “Between the lightweight, yet intensely quenching formula loaded with shea butter, squalane and hyaluronic acid, the cooling ceramic applicator and the pretty sheen it leaves behind, there’s pretty much nothing about this lip balm I don’t love.” —Stephanie

Henry Rose Blonde Barry, $75, available here: “Body mists are a nostalgic beauty buy having a big moment right now, and this sensual Henry Rose scent is my most-used. I love that the fruity scent is subtle in its sweetness, with notes of blackcurrant, blood orange and nectarine balanced by musk and wood. I also love that it mists on in a light, uniformly dispersed veil.” —Andrea

Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Hydro Plump Treatment Essence With Hyaluronic Acid, $34, available here: “When it comes to keeping my skin hydrated (which is different from moisturized!), I always see the best results when I apply some sort of watery base layer of skin care while my face is still damp; this new essence is perfect for that — it feels like nothing, but I notice my skin stays much more hydrated throughout the day when I use it.” —Dhani

Dieux Skin Reusable Silicone Gel Eye Pads, $25, available here“There’s nothing I love more than lying in bed after a long day with some cold under-eye patches on my face. These reusable silicone undereye masks are also less wasteful because they can be reworn hundreds of times (and used with any eye cream or serum). Obsessed.” —Olivia

Camille Rose Rosemary Hair Treatment, $20, available here: “This fast-acting hair mask is ideal for times when I want to deep condition my hair but don’t have 30 minutes to spare. Made with rosemary oil (a popular ingredient to promote hair growth), it makes my hair look shinier and my scalp feel refreshed.” —Andrea

Oui the People All In All Melting Body Balm with Plant-Based Retinol, $75, available here: “I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin, head-to-toe, lately, and sometimes, plain old lotion doesn’t cut it. This silky balm is spiked with retinol and not only does it smell delicious, but my skin looks smoother and brighter.” —Andrea

Sun Bum Sonny’s Original Surf Paste, $17, available here: “I’d generally never think to use a paste or wax on my fine, flyaway-prone hair, but hairstylist Laura Polko smoothed a tiny dab of this beachy-scented styler through my waves during a recent press event, and I was instantly hooked. It tamps down frizz and creates controlled pieceiness with ease, but doesn’t feel waxy or weigh down strands. Plus, it affords more targeted control than a hairspray.” —Stephanie

Ilia Limitless Lash Lengthening Mascara, $28, available here: “I’ve tried (and loved) so many drugstore mascaras, but I decided to treat myself to a high-end one to see if I’ve been missing out. Turns out, I have: This formula doesn’t weigh my lashes down, clump them together or turn flaky throughout the day — a win for my sensitive eyes. And the applicator, which has a curved side for lifting and a straight side for lengthening and separating, is also a game-changer.”–Catie

Dermadoctor Calm Cool + Corrected 1% Colloidal Oatmeal Eczema + Dermatitis Clinical Repair Balm, $35, available here: “I get stress eczema on my hands, which is equal parts painful and annoying, and this balm has been keeping me (relatively) sane. The clinical strength colloidal oatmeal provides instant relief, combatting any itchiness and redness, and the ceramides help with dryness and healing. It’s not greasy, either.” —Liza

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydraSoft Glossing Treatment, $35.50, available here: “This lamellar water-like hair treatment from Paul Mitchell is a crucial step for me in between shampoo and conditioner for keeping my curls hydrated. It’s color-safe and within 10 seconds, you can feel the slight warming sensation as it gets to work.” —Liza

Zitsticka Killa Acne Extra Strength Patches, $18, available here: “At this point, I would follow Steph’s recommendations straight off a cliff, but less dramatically, I also love the ZitSticka Killa Acne Extra Strength Patches she wrote a review on in May. Post-Accutane I only rarely get an ‘it deserves its own zip code’ type of mega zit, but one of these babies knocks it out with a quickness I appreciate.” —Liza

Bask Suncare SPF 30 Non-Aerosol Spray, $24, available here: “When it comes to sunscreen, I’m super picky about textures, and can’t stand when formulas are sticky, oily or don’t fully dry down on my skin. This mist-on version avoids all of those issues and is specifically described as a ‘non-oily’ SPF. It leaves my skin with that beautiful sunscreen glow without a slick residue.” —Brooke

Clinique High Impact High-Fi Full Volume Mascara, $27, available here: “Mascara has always been a difficult category for me to navigate — most products I’ve tried melt around my hooded eyes almost instantly, often convincing me to skip it altogether. But this new formula from Clinique has officially joined my limited collection of products that don’t melt — not even a little bit. Typically, by hour five of wearing other mascaras, it looks like I haven’t slept in 10 years due to the dark smudges under my eyes. But on hour five with this one, my makeup looks exactly the same as when I first applied it. Plus, the tapered wand allows for a seamless application on the inner and outer corners of lashes.” —Brooke

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, $10, available here: “I know it’s still hot as ever outside, but I’ve already started daydreaming about all my fall outfits, and I realized I had virtually no berry-colored lipsticks to complete my looks. I picked up this Revlon cream lipstick in the shade Rum Raisin, a warm brownish berry hue reminiscent of a ’90s lip, and it’s now my go-to shade for fall.” —Catie

Grown Alchemist Smoothing Body Exfoliant, $35, available here: “It’s August, so my exfoliation routine has been at a high turnover and after experimenting with several of other body exfoliants this summer, this one takes the crown as my favorite. The physical exfoliant includes activated charcoal and pumice, two hardworking ingredients that have cleared up my strawberry skin and KP.” —Savannah

Valmont L’Elixir Des Glaciers Masque Majestueux Votre Visage, $500, available here: “This luxurious, jelly-like mask — which has significantly softened my skin over the three weeks I’ve been using it — relies on honey to soothe and coddle sensitized complexions. It even helped me bounce back after a bad reaction to a different product I’d used.” —Brooke

In case you missed last month’s picks, you can find them here:

Lancer Nourish Rehydration Mask with BioPeptide Vitamin B3, $100, available here: “Between the scorching temperatures outside and the overly-air-conditioned climate inside, my skin has been inflamed and unhappy lately. (Same, pal.) This soothing, balancing mask has been a savior: The slick, thick gel delivers peptides and vitamin B3 (also known as niacinamide) to moisturize, even out skin tone, prevent water loss and give skin a plump, happy finish.”—Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Director

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