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This Blow-Dryer Was Thoughtfully Designed With Curly Hair in Mind

My texture has never looked so good.

Pattern Beauty The Blow Dryer, $189, available here

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Anyone with curls can probably relate: Figuring out an optimal hair-care routine can be a bit of a journey. 

Before even coming to understand my proper cocktail of washing and styling products, I knew that a blow-dryer with a diffuser can work wonders. These attachments disperse air to more evenly dry hair without breaking up curl patterns, which allows for better definition, more volume and less frizz. So, when Tracee Ellis Ross introduced the diffuser-friendly Pattern blow-dryer — which the brand took years to develop, specifically with curls in mind — in January, I knew I had to test it out. 

It’s a sleek machine with a toffee-colored, matte finish and a medium weight. (When I use it to dry my entire head of thick hair, my arms don’t get tired, which is a major win.) There are four attachments: a diffuser to help shape and set curls, a concentrated nozzle for sleek blowouts, a wide-tooth comb for gentle detangling and a brush for stretching tight textures. Each one snaps onto the dryer easily, and there’s a release button to pop it right back out for quick swapping. There are three heat settings and two speeds, as well as a cool shot button and an ion switch that can be activated for a smoother, shinier look or turned off for enhanced volume.

After washing my hair, I rake in a leave-in conditioner, followed by a styling cream. (I’ve also tried the tool with a curl gel, which yielded similar results). Then, I let my hair air-dry for about 20 minutes, because this is the crucial time when curls are most fragile and are setting the foundation for their dry shape — the idea is to avoid disturbing them too much and just let them do their thing. 

After those 20 minutes, I go in with the Pattern blow-dryer, fitted with the diffuser attachment and set on cool. Next, I do all sorts of acrobatics to make sure I get the air to hit every region of my head. I keep the tool set to cool for about 50-70% of the process, and then eventually switch over to low for the remaining portion of the drying time. This whole process takes about 20 to 30 minutes — the same as it does with my regular old blow-dryer — which gets my hair to about 90% dry. Then I leave my curls to finish setting and drying the rest of the way on their own.

The author after having used the tool.

Photo: Courtesy of Andrea Bossi

After my first time completing this whole process using the Pattern dryer, I loved the results — like, hyping-myself-up-in-the-mirror loved. My curls weren’t just defined in their ringlets, but they also had incredible shape and volume. 

Maybe I’ll have more notes as I continue using the tool and working my way through all of the various attachments. (Though, I don’t use heat for blowouts, so I’ll likely be skipping the concentrator nozzle for good.) 

For now, there are few downsides. It might be nice if it had a retractable cord, for one. Then there’s the price point, which, at $189, is less pricey than a Dyson Pro Dryer but still costly when compared with the trusty Conair I’d been using for years. (Full disclosure: I was gifted this product by the brand.)

“I have long wanted to reframe our relationship to heat. In the past, our curls and coils have been burned and fried into submission,” Ross is quoted as saying in a note included on the blow-dryer packaging. “Only after our hair becomes damaged and after we lose our zigs and zags, did we miss the vibrant beauty of the textures that authentically grew from our scalps.”

After using this tool, I not only see Ross and Pattern’s vision, I’m living it. Beyond the fact that the blow-dryer delivers beautiful curl results, it also feels special to use something that’s made with me and my hair type in mind. Pattern thoughtfully designed a blow-dryer that offers a luxury experience tailor-made for curls, and I love that.

Pattern Beauty The Blow Dryer, $189, available here

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