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Janelle Monae Just Dressed Like the Hottest Train Conductor We’ve Ever Seen

If you’ve had your eyes on Paris Fashion Week recently, you’ll have definitely noticed one star who seriously cannot be missed: a queen of all queens, Janelle Monae. The singer has perhaps singlehandedly given us the best looks of PFW so far, and she’s not about to stop. At the Paris Fashion Week Vogue Dinner, Janelle Monae stepped out in one of her best ensembles yet, and I’m fumbling around trying to find a train ticket in my pocket. The singer attended the celebrity-filled dinner dressed like a hot train conductor—hat and all. All aboard, y’all.

Monae’s conductor-inspired outfit consisted of a perfectly striped gray pants and jacket combo paired with a gray tie—a super hot monochrome ensemble if I ever did see one. Monae also donned a white shirt and chic white booties. (I want them!) But, the cherries on top of this train-conductor-chic look were the round black and white steampunk-esque sunnies (classic Janelle Monae) and black and white hat. While the hat was a bit of a combination of bakers boy and train conductor, I’m going to go with 100 percent hot-ass train conductor here. I mean, when you think of a train conductor, you picture striped overalls and a matching hat. Monae’s outfit is basically the sartorially advanced version of that. Get with me on this or get out, baby.

shutterstock 10139052b Janelle Monae Just Dressed Like the Hottest Train Conductor We’ve Ever Seen


It’s not like I’m not used to seeing Janelle Monae don killer suits, but every time I see the singer wear one, it’s like it’s the first time. (Alexa, play “Feels Like the First Time” by The Foreigners.) Honestly, though, seeing Monae dressed to the nines every time she steps out onto the streets makes me feel like I’m in a cheesy romantic comedy. Janelle Monae is the star—obviously—and I’m the best friend, looking lovingly from afar, hoping one day to get my chance. Does anyone else feel this way when they see Janelle Monae? No? OK, it’s fine. I’m fine. I’ll just sit here watching the “PYNK” music video alone for the rest of the day.


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