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Fan-Favorite Foot Peel Masks That’ll Get You Ready for Sandal Season

You’ve probably seen them on social media. These viral masks make your feet shed like a snake. It’s very gross, but also oddly satisfying? We’re intrigued. If your feet have definitely seen better days and they’re so cracked and dry that you want to do a treatment before you even go to get a pedicure, you’ll want to try one of the best foot peel masks on Amazon. Trust us—they’re worth the hype.

No matter how much exfoliation and moisturizer you use on your feet, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s making any difference. Foot peel masks act as a one-time fix. Like dry hand masks or even your sheet face masks, these foot peel masks go around your foot, like a plastic sock. They’re packed with exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients. You wear the masks for about an hour before taking them off. That’s it.

The results don’t happen instantly. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks for you to shed all of your skin. It’s going to disgusting, so maybe don’t make any plans that involve sandals or shoes that showcase your bare feet. You might be tempted to peel off the skin, but don’t. It’ll mess with the natural process and could actually hurt your skin and cause lesions. No one wants that.


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