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The Best Beautyblender Dupes on Amazon

Put down your makeup brushes and opt for something better. If you’re going to put on a full face of makeup, you need something more effective and specialized. That’s where beauty blender sponges come in, and once you switch to one of the best makeup sponges, you’ll never want to go back to your brushes.

These blending sponges can handle any kind of makeup—powder, liquid or cream. The sponge can also be wet or dry when you’er applying. The makeup goes onto your sponge easily and goes onto your skin seamlessly. You can be very precise with a sponge, but you can strike the delicate balance of being subtle and precise at the same time. They’re tailor-made for contouring. You can blend out the lines you create, so no one will be able to tell which contour line you put where.

Unlike brushes, which can be a pain to clean and dry, these little sponges are simple. You just wash them with mild soap and water. That’s it.

We rounded up the best makeup sponges for you below. Don’t worry, we picked out budget-friendly options that won’t break the bank. These blenders come in fun colors, and there are even found some vegan options, too.


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