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This $15 Callus Remover For Feet Eliminates ‘a Shocking Amount of Dead Skin’

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It wasn’t until I moved to New York City that I noticed just how much walking everywhere could affect the skin on my feet. By no means were they in a terrible state, but the bottom of my heels had certainly seen better days. The skin in this area felt rougher, and I honestly had no clue what to do about it. That’s where products like Lee Beauty’s Callus Remover for Feet could’ve really done me a solid.

The callus remover gets rid of “years” of rough skin from your feet, and “in minutes,” per the brand. This is a pretty tall claim, but fans of the product can assure us all that it gets the job done. One wrote, “I did not expect the results that I got!! 15 to 20 minutes of filing and 98 percent of my callus are gone. I still have spots where there is a slight callus but no more cracks!!! NO CRACKS!! It’s been years since my feet have felt this good. I will forever keep this on hand!”

This game-changer really does discard years of rough skin in a very short amount of time. No more sitting in a salon chair for an hour! And these results come at an affordable price tag of just $15. It typically costs around $17 but is currently on sale for under $15 at Amazon.

“A shocking amount of dead skin comes off,” wrote another five-star shopper. “Really great results, feet that are clean, soft, and sandal-ready.”

Lee Beauty Callus Remover for Feet Amazon

Photo: Lee Beauty.

Here’s how to get the smoothest feet with this product: First, soak your feet in water and dry them. Then, apply the gel and rinse it off. Finish with a rasp or pumice. 

After following all of these steps, as suggested by the brand, you’ll have baby-soft skin like this reviewer. “This product was super easy to use and effective,” they wrote. “I’ve used this both times after taking a shower. I’d sit on the side of my tub and squeeze [the] gel on my trouble areas and rub my feet together to spread it thoroughly. Set the timer on for about six minutes and play a game or two on my iPhone. When the timer goes off, I rinse the gel off with a small hand brush. Use the callus brush on the areas and rinse once again. Towel dry and viola, baby-soft skin. I am so happy and impressed!”

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The time it takes to transform your feet from rough to smooth varies by person, but the results are nevertheless the same. Showing your feet some T.L.C. and getting spa-quality results have never been easier thanks to this fast-acting, professional-grade callus remover from Amazon.
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