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Beyoncé Just Recapped Her Best (and Most Colorful) Concert Ensembles of 2018 in a Single Instagram

Although it’s unlikely that our years were more eventful than Beyoncé’s, the singer was able to recap her entire 2018 in one swift social media post, while we’re still sitting here staring at 20 separate pictures, trying to decide which ones will make the 10-slide cut on Instagram. It’s just another way Queen Bey is better than us, and we accept defeat.

But can we talk about the freaking Instagram?

In her typical power-moves-only fashion, Beyoncé took to her phone to share with us 10 of the most stunning, drool-inducing and colorful photos we’ve ever seen. The first image features Queen Bey herself, surrounded by squad members onstage at a show during her (and hubby Jay-Z’s, we guess) “On the Run II” tour. And they’re… literally a rainbow?

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Beyoncé stuns in a lemon yellow ensemble (which you can get a better look at on slide two), and we have to wonder—is it because of Lemonade? We might be reaching here, but it’s a fantasy worth sharing. The ladies surrounding her drip in complementary colors, and we almost feel like we’re at the show.

The following photos give us a glimpse into the glamorous and highly-fashionable life of American Royalty, and we are absolutely not complaining. Only one photo (number eight) is in black and white, and we imagine there’s a reason, simply because Beyoncé doesn’t do anything by accident (probably).

By the time we were done scrolling through this slideshow for the first time, our jaws hurt from sitting on the ground for so long, and our hearts ached for another solo Beyoncé album, just like the good old days. All we want is some booty-shaking, single-lady-inspiring, girl-gang-supporting music. Is that too much to ask? Like, we know her children are important. But think of it this way—her fans were her first children, kinda.



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