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We’re Super Convinced BTS’ J-Hope Will Be On ‘The Masked Singer’ This Season

OMG, we legit cannot believe this. This BTS’ J-Hope The Masked Singer clue has us convinced that one of our favs is going to appear on the legendary singing competition. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the beginning. Back in August during BTS’ extended hiatus, J-Hope was spotted catching a flight to Los Angeles by himself.

Since he was technically enjoying personal time, we thought J-Hope might be working on a collab with Becky G. And he still may be. But now, the ARMY believes he was in L.A. to appear on Fox’s The Masked Singer. This is what we know. On Sept. 18–The Masked Singer, unveiled the singers that would appear on Season 2. One of those contestants was named  “Egg Mask,” and the ARMY immediately began commenting J-Hope’s name under it. Whoever is under that Egg Mask has a euphoric attitude and BTS fans are reminding us all that J-Hope’s nickname is literally “sunshine.”

The Masked Singer account also tweeted to, “Expect the unexpected” which also raised all of the alarms. One fan hilarious tweeted, ‘hoseok sweetheart it’s okay you can take off your egg mask.. we’ll accept you regardless don’t try to hide.” Another added, “…. ok but think about it: hoseok taking off that hideous egg mask and standing on stage with the long ass white coat like the king he is.”

Truly it does sound rather legendary.

Obviously, we haven’t heard any singing out of Egg Mask just yet but that hasn’t stopped the ARMY from their theories.

However, some BTS fans aren’t convinced that Egg Mask is J-Hope and they would like the rest of the ARMY to stop being so pressed about this theory. Apparently, they don’t think the legs are a match.

However, one ARMY member reminded everyone that BTS adores The Masked Singer and they urged everyone to watch it when it debuted last year. They tweeted,

Wait!!!! Do y’all #BTSARMY remember when the boys cut a promo for @MaskedSingerFOX and they said that they wanted to be on the show. What if, it’s just a what if people, @BTS_twt #JHOPE was in LA for the show. Just a thought. Not trying to get anyone’s hopes up or anything.

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