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This BTS Theory Might Explain Who Gets the Next Solo After Last Night’s ‘Black Swan’ Performance

Alright, ARMYs—you already knew that last night’s performance of “Black Swan” on the Late Late Show With James Corden would bring up some new Map of the Soul: 7 theories. Most fans are busy dissecting the footage of last night’s show all over the Twitterverse, however, some are zeroing in on a far more subtle hint that was dropped right before the episode aired. Some ARMYs are convinced that it may even hold the key to knowing which BTS member gets the upcoming Comeback: Ego single to themselves.

The possible hint in question was delivered in plain sight. Jungkook, 22, tweeted a photo of himself from BTS’ official Twitter account just as the “Black Swan” performance was about to air. His caption read “💜3💜”—now, if you’re looking at that and wondering what’s the big deal, some ARMYs are drawing a big connection between Jungkook and the number.

After details about BTS’ comeback and album launch were released, fans learned that a second comeback trailer, called “EGO” is due out on Feb. 3, 2020. Naturally, some ARMYs have zeroed in on the fact that Jungkook happened to post using the same number as the forthcoming release date—leading many to believe he might finally be getting his own MOTS: 7 solo with “EGO.”

It might seem a little too obvious to be true, yet one ARMY also backed up their connection with an interpretation of some theories over “Ego” as a psychological concept. They cited Wayne W. Dyer’s steps to overcoming one’s ego, where Step No. 3 specifically addresses letting go of a need to be “right.”

“Jk posted this picture with the number 3,” the Twitter user wrote. “Based on my theory that would mean Step 3 which is; “let go of your need to be right” Hinting his solo or EGO, this may be the concept??!! Jhope posted a pic with 6 before Black Swan came out …. now this pic #EGO #MOTS7 #BTS.”

Meanwhile, others continue to stress the connection between the release date and Kookie’s caption. “JUNGKOOK PUT “3” ON HIS SELCA CAPTION, FEBRUARY 3 IS THE SCHEDULE FOR THE RELEASE OF EGO COMEBACK TRAILER— I CONNECTED THE DOTS…. JUNGKOOK FOR EGO!—” wrote another Twitter user.

Yet some ARMYs aren’t convinced. While Jungkook’s tweet reads as “💜3💜” on Apple devices, it actually appears as a kissy-face emoji for Android users. The mixup has left some ARMYs questioning whether “3” is even meant to be a hint in the first place.

I guess we’ll all just have to wait to see.


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