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This $8 Tool Makes My At-Home Manicures Look So Good

Olive & June Nail Grooming Clean Up Brush, $8, available here

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I love gel manicures, but my nails don’t. The removal process can be damaging and time-consuming, but I also don’t have the patience to make regular trips to the nail salon. So I have started doing at-home DIY manicures more regularly — but unfortunately, I’m not ambidextrous. So painting with my non-dominant hand can be… rough.

And then I started using a super simple tool that’s made my DIY paint jobs look far more professional: Olive & June’s Nail Grooming Clean Up Brush. After applying polish, I dab the small, flexible-bristled brush into nail polish remover and swipe away the excess that’s accumulated on my cuticles. (This is helpful with any color manicure, but it especially makes a difference with bold tones like red or black, since uneven polish will be particularly visible.) 

This step seems simple and rather obvious, sure, but it’s made all the difference when it comes to transforming my slapdash-looking DIY manicures into neat, professional-quality ones. 

Olive & June Nail Grooming Clean Up Brush, $8, available here

Homepage photo: Courtesy of Olive & June

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