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These Natural Self-Tanning Drops Gives Your Complexion a Safe Sun-Kissed Glow

Sunless tanning technology has made major progress in recent years, making those dreaded orange streaky results a thing of the past. Despite this notable progress though, DIY self-tanning isn’t exactly beginner-friendly, especially when it comes to applying sunless tanner to your face. Fortunately, self-tanner drops for the face now exist, and make achieving a flawless faux glow super foolproof.

Whether you’re looking for an option that delivers instant-gratification results by way of an imperfection-blurring wash of color that’ll last for just for the evening (perfect for events and photographs), or you’re just on the hunt for a gradual glow that will survive your week-long beach vacation without streaking and fading, these self-tanning drops mix right into your favorite skincare products and develop into a golden tan.

While some old-school gradual tanning products for the face often tend to come out either too pigmented or so subtle that you can’t see a visible difference at all, these effective solutions get it just right. Scroll through below to check out our favorite self-tanning facial drops for a safe sun-kissed look.


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