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The Narrator of ‘Never Have I Ever’ Is Someone You Wouldn’t Expect

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netfix’s Never Have I Ever season 1. There are a lot of characters in Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, but one that’s never seen is the narrator who voices Devi’s life. Who’s the narrator in Never Have I Ever on Netflix, you ask? Well, he’s someone we never expected.

Never Have I Ever, which premiered on April 27 and is created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, Devi Vishwakumar, a 15-year-old girl from Sherman Oaks, California, who’s as uncool as one can expect from the lead of a teen rom com. Along with Devi’s romantic ventures, the 10-episode series also explores Devi’s relationship with her Indian-American identity (which she’s never felt connected to), her mom (whom she resents after the death of her dad) and her best friends (whom she takes for granted to be with her crush Paxton Hall-Yoshida).

Along the way, a mysterious, deep voice narrates Devi’s life, almost as if it’s a book that someone is reading. (Think: Jane the Virgin and how future Mateo is the one who narrates the show.) Unlike Jane the Virgin, the narrator of Never Have I Ever is never revealed, though he is shown in the series as a separate character. So who is this mystery voice? Well, he’s professional tennis player John McEnroe, who’s won championships like Wimbledon and the US Open. Betcha didn’t expect his voice.

Never Have I Ever

Image: Netflix.

While the narrator is never revealed to be a character on the show, McEnroe does make a cameo at the end of the season. In the finale, Devi drives with her friend, Ben, from Sherman Oaks to Malibu to apologize to her mother and spread the ashes of her late father before it’s too late. When Devi arrives at the beach, however, she’s too far for her mom and her cousin, Kamala, to hear her. Out of nowhere, McEnroe shows up as himself and uses his booming voice to make sure that Devi’s mom doesn’t spread her husband’s ashes before her daughter is there. In the end, McEnroe’s voice worked and Devi had enough time to run down to the sand to help her family send her late father away. Mystery solved.

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