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The Best Liquid Lipsticks That *Literally* Last All Day

The pursuit to find a long-wearing liquid lipstick that doesn’t require the high-maintenance hourly touch-ups or dry out your lips throughout the day isn’t an easy fete. Sure, there are some long-lasting lipsticks (typically in the form of a matte liquid lippie) that promise to stay put all day, but while many of these liquid-to-matte formulas keep their promise of all-day wear time, they also tend to peel and enhance fine lines and dry patches.

There are also plenty of traditional liquid lipsticks that claim to be both long-wearing and resistant to feathering, but just because they can stay in place for several hours, that doesn’t exactly mean the color won’t budge or transfer when faced with lunch, coffee or your favorite silky white blouse.

In general, the more emollient your lipstick is in both finish and consistency, the more prone you’ll be to makeup mishap. With that being said, however, there are some advanced formulas that boast some seriously stellar staying power and transfer-resistant magical powers—all without over-drying. These advanced long-wearing lip products will actually stay on your lips (not your food or clothes) while enhancing your pout (not fine lines and dry patches).


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