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Taurus—Your February Horoscope Says Your Social Life Is About to Get Super Interesting

Keep your friends close this month, bulls! Your Taurus horoscope for February 2023 grants you chances for growth in your personal and professional circles. Get ready fro a month that expands your social network (and your net worth).

Venus, your ruling planet, starts the month in your 11th house of friendship. Lovely Venus will fill your friend group with laughter and good times. You will find it’s easy to connect over shared interests and may even find yourself starting a club or joining an organization. Sociability is effortless as people are drawn to your kindness. On February 8, Uranus will send its energy to Venus from your 1st house of identity, encouraging you to fill your time with thrilling new adventures and new people. Perhaps, even an exciting fling may come into the picture as Eccentric Uranus brings you interesting, unique people. Embrace this period of social harmony and see where it leads!

Your increased social ability from Venus will aid you in the workplace as well, especially since the Sun will be sending light to your 10th house of reputation, illuminating your desire to shine and be seen by those you admire. Ready or not, recognition is coming and, with it, responsibility. This is the time to really put things into motion because the Sun will not allow you to hide away. Stand in front of your colleagues and share your ideas, make your mark! Wise Saturn will add to this sense of responsibility on February 16 as it closes in on the Sun. Tend to your duties and work hard and you will find yourself meeting your goals and reaching new heights. 

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On February 20, Venus will move into your 12th house of the subconscious. At this time, your focus will likely shift inwards while your capacity for compassion increases greatly. You will find yourself wanting to give more than you receive and help your loved ones anyway you can. It may be a time where you are done with parties and ready for quiet nights on the sofa with your best friend, talking about the things that matter. With fun times, good conversation, and career opportunities ahead, this month is sure to bring a smile to your face, Taurus!

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