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Your Weekly Love Horoscope Predicts a Valentine’s Day Filled With Drama, Passion & Romance

Your love horoscope for the week of February 13 to 19 is very telling, because it just so happens to be one of the most important times for love! Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday, and the astrology involved with this week could bring many changes to your relationships and love life.

On February 15, love planet Venus will form a conjunction with dreamy and irresistible Neptune in Pisces, upping the level of passion and romance to an overwhelming degree. After all, Venus is exalted when it’s moving through Pisces, making this gorgeous energy for a romantic date or a sweet rendezvous with friends you know you love. Now’s the time to dive right into the Valentine’s Day shenanigans!

However, let’s not forget that the sun in distant and stoic Aquarius will form a conjunction with Saturn—planet of restriction, discipline and limitations—on February 16, which may remind you to pump the breaks if your situation seems like it’s moving too fast. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries if you feel like too many decisions are being made for you without your input.

Luckily, Pisces season begins on February 18, bringing us a solid dose of love, empathy and imagination. This is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, which is why it’s a time associated with endings and forgiveness. What are you ready to let go of?

Here’s what your love horoscope for the week of January 30 to February 5 is bringing to your attention, according to your sun sign, Venus sign and/or rising sign:

How The Planets Will Affect Your Love Life This Week

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The week opens up with a massive mid-month conjunction between Venus and Neptune in Pisces, encouraging you to reassess your goals and needs in all partnerships. Single Rams will feel the intensity with a strong need to commit to your personal truth. This causes a series of events that may uncover certain understandings around your personal emotional patterns as well.

Those currently romantically involved might uncover their current affairs’ deeper subconscious roots. You might want to consider this a time of discovering the truth behind a lover’s actions. The universe really wants you to be happy. You can expect pivotal connections in your love life to appear and even require an important choice on your part.

Your heart can be torn as your strong need for independence gets tested during this time. If you need to make sacrifices for the sake of a partnership, you will have to really ask yourself if this is meant to be. Remember, this is a time to appreciate what makes you truly feel good inside.

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This week, try not to avoid feeling the emotions of the ride, as you will never be alone when Neptune and Venus collide on February 15. Yes—the energy is intense, but with it, you can fully appreciate those who have always been there for you. The lessons of change are the most important.

When Venus and Neptune connect on the fifteenth, you’ll be asked to really see how amazing you are and remind yourself that you’re not alone on this journey. Someone might even want to deepen a long-term commitment with you. The key is to be absolutely honest with yourself and not just settle for the comfortable path.

You’ll have time to revisit a previous affair on the fifteenth due to the sentimental energy perfuming the air. This can also bring back some unwanted attention as well, so it is an important time to be vigilant of your desires.

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Dear Gemini, this is a beautiful week for your love life—especially if you want to strengthen your connections. You will feel truly supported and reunited with those you care about. There is a strong feeling of compassion as mind-expanding experiences propel you forward on a journey that has you feeling all the feels. Your partnerships will get the tests of time as well, but all the more for you to truly understand why you were brought to one another in the first place.

One of the major turning points for you will be felt on the fifteenth when Venus and Neptune connect. This changes up the game and can bring an extremely fated romance into your life. Your personal magnetism is undeniable, and these transits enhance your attractive qualities beyond your wildest dreams. You are truly irresistible, which can attract many romantic prospects seemingly out of thin air.

Try not to allow the expectations of others to influence you romantically. Conversations might be a bit difficult during this timeframe, but they will serve as a great turning point for your relationships for years to come.

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This is one of those weeks where you’ll be asked to stand your ground and be blunt about what you want and need in relationships, Cancer. You have very high expectations for your partnerships, and if someone isn’t offering you the same energy back, they are not worth your time at all.

Mercury’s square to the Nodes of Destiny on February 16 has a strong influence on your sign. This energy brings an overall feeling of immediacy and commitment. This is especially true for Cancers seeking marriage and stronger long-term relationships. You might even consider moving in with your partner this year or sharing property between yourself and a loved one.

It’s also a time to switch up your old patterns and allow an old affair to really be done for good. If you expected someone to be in your life forever, trust that a far better and more suited relationship is on the way. This can also extend to those Cancers who have recently had a falling out with a family member or friendship that went by the wayside. You are on your own journey, and you expect as much love as you give out.

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Welcome to a fulfilling week of love! You have a lot to offer the world, and more than a few folks have their eyes on you! A friendship might even become a major romantic connection that shifts your perspective on life. Overall, you are truly loved and protected by the universe.

Still, you might feel a bit more pensive or called to seclusion, especially when the sun and Saturn unite in your house of partnerships on February 16. However, your overall sunny nature will inspire you throughout the day. You’ll have a chance to revisit your past loves and reconnect with “the one that got away” during this time. You’ll feel called to express your voice to someone special under these transits.

This can also be a time of great reflection. Partners might have strong demand for your time as well. The main lesson concerns what you actually spend your time doing versus the dreams that you have felt inside of your soul.

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Someone recognizes your incredibly alluring personality with absolute admiration! Single Virgos will find multiple chances to meet that special someone! Those in long-standing relationships will undergo many spiritual transformations.

The opposition between Venus and Neptune to your sun on February 15 brings true abundance to your sign. You are absolutely potent and fertile! This is especially wonderful for those Virgos looking to conceive or create something completely new for themselves. This can even mean attracting a partner with all the qualities they truly desire. You’ll feel more inclined to take extra time for your own emotional needs and might find that putting yourself first is exactly the medicine you’ve always needed. You might even meet someone going through a massive personal growth cycle — just like you.

If you are continually hard on yourself, this also lowers your vibrations. If you are kind to yourself and allow compassion to flow through you, this will make you absolutely unstoppable and irresistible to your love interests.

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This is such an interesting week for your loving sign. You are a bundle of joy, for sure. However, are you loving for the sake of loving? Or are you being a little more picky than usual? It is important to make that discernment now so you do not hurt someone in the end. Because you are undergoing some powerful changes that shift the makeup of your overall life and maturity, there is a bit of a quality of leading someone on at certain points this year.

Your home planet of love connects with Neptune on the fifteenth and tests the integrity of all partnership dynamics in your life. The strongest will surely survive, but the overall balance in your love life will become inherently apparent during this cycle. If you are single, this might bring in someone who reminds you of a previous loved one. This might even serve as an extremely emotional reminder as to why they were never good for you in the first place. Be open to dating multiple people at once or expanding your horizons in the realm of unusual love affairs.

The Saturn-sun alliance on the sixteenth and then Mercury’s and Jupiter’s connection on the seventeenth serve as a time of increasing your love expectations for all partnerships. You might even feel more agitated or irritated with your loved ones under these transits.

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It’s going to be a very intense week of uncovering and aligning with your deepest intimate desires. You might even have a romantic connection that shows you the truth of who you are. If you’ve been noticing any repeated psychological patterns, this is a time to settle this once and for all. This is especially true for Scorpions who are constantly supporting their partners but not always receiving the same energy in return.

The Venus-Neptune conjunction on the fifteenth and the sun and Saturn’s union bring you magnetism which is most poignant for you right now. You’ll feel more driven toward your career and life path this week, and those coming with you will present themselves quite clearly. The catch of this energy is that you’ll also have to leave others behind. Long-term partnerships and marriages might have a bit of a challenge regarding communication during this time.

Scorpions seeking love affairs might have the time of their life with short-term prospects. This can be a great reminder that you are desired by many! Your charming ways attract a lot of suitors from all over the world! You might conjure up an affair that is highly addictive during these transits.

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This is an extremely powerful week for your sign in all aspects of life. When it comes to love and relationships, you are in it to win it. You have many around you who support your dreams and see you for who you really are. You are absolutely loved, so be open to the love received.

The Venus and Neptune conjunction on the fifteenth brings room for a strong commitment that can lead to something more long-term for you. The thing to note here is those you are attracting this year might seem more boring to you than what you would normally go for. You might even find yourself considering marriage or seeing yourself with someone for a long period of time. Single Sagittarius will also feel the urge to be coupled. This becomes part of your regular conversation throughout the week ahead.

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You have many loving connections to be grateful for, and for those looking to find that special someone, it is time to let yourself be loved. The energy extends throughout the week. These planetary alignments are life-transforming and bring forth fated events that serve as a path of no return. This is a huge aspect for meeting your truest soulmate. You might feel like this is the person you’ve been waiting for all of your life. You’ll know when you meet them.

This week is not for the faint of heart, and your sign always stands the test of time when Saturn and the sun connect on the seventeenth. You have partnerships that go above and beyond the call of duty for you, and you return your loyalty in the same capacity.

Toxic affairs that no longer serve you will fall away with this conjunction energy. This might be its final pass in your life. This is especially true for those Capricorns with ex-partnerships that never got their moment of clarity. You’ll finally be able to walk away with a true understanding of why things actually went south.

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One of the key transits for you this week is the movement of Saturn, which is often associated with commitment and research into your sign and the sun on February 17. This energy expands your knowledge and ability to connect to groups on a very committed level. This will enhance your staying power and even ground you on a very new level. This might meet that your sign has a strong need to be in a long-term relationship that supports you mentally, physically, and spiritually. You have a strong aptitude to meet someone new or connect with a past lover during this time.

This is a transit where you might even decide if a current partnership is supporting you or feels stifling overall. You might take the more rational perspective in all realms of romance as well. There is a strong sense of communication in your sign, but there is a possibility you might fall away from someone on the physical level. The way to your heart is through your mind.

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What a week you have ahead for love and partnerships! It will be an extra special time for you to grow and mature into your own. You are absolutely blooming and spreading your wings. Don’t be afraid to follow your intuition. You’ll be asked several questions at once. Remember this when you feel any delays. Let the universe catch up to you!

However, this is also a week of processing the progress. You might experience a move that propels a different mode of energy into your life. This opens you up to new experiences and meeting some pretty awesome people. This is important for both single and coupled Pisces who are looking for a change in their life, especially if you’ve felt bogged down from the previous year’s transits. You’ll definitely feel more inspired to follow your calling for the next seven days.

You might meet several soulmates that can create deep loving partnerships and even more cosmically-aligned friendships. There is a willingness to learn and love. Let yourself be loved as much as you love others. Your sign is the purest of all!

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