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Stylish Desk Accessories and Organizers to Help You Declutter

Shopping for organizers for your desk can be tedious. It’s a sea of black, silver and wire mesh everywhere you look. That might be well and good for your parents’ home offices, but it doesn’t exactly fit what you’re looking for. Desk accessories can be clunky, unfashionable and boring. A black in-tray isn’t going to inspire you to tackle your daily to-do list. Your office doesn’t have to look like an executive dad’s. There are fun, stylish options out there to make decluttering your desk fun. Stop living amongst unorganized papers and files and using a mug for your pencils. If you organize your workspace, you’ll feel a little bit more professional and put-together. It might even help your focus. 

Whether you’re trying to upgrade your WFH desk or brightening up your depressing cubicle, we’ve got you covered. We dug around to find chic desk accessories—yes, they do exist. On our list, there are two sets that’ll give you perfectly matching organizers, and there’s one larger organizer that has nine compartments. These organizers come in fun patterns and colors: Marble, white lattice and rose gold. You can find something on our list that meshes with your personal aesthetic.


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