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Sofia Richie Went Topless On Instagram & Scott Disick Has Some Thoughts

These two have been dating for nearly two years. The reality couple has gone through good times and bad times, but right now things seem really good. Scott Disick reacted to Sofia Richie’s topless photo on Instagram  and we’ve never seen anyone jump into the comments section so fast. The model looks sun-kissed and stunning in her flawless, topless shot. She’s giving the camera a sultry little look while rocking some seriously cool jeans.

Her blonde hair and pout (and also the fact that she’s not wearing a shirt) was just too much for Disick. Richie captioned the shot, “How’s your Thursday?” Naturally, Disick took the opportunity to poke a little fun at Richie. Instead of going for the obvious “you’re gorgeous” or writing out his inner monologue (which we’re guessing sounds something “omg wtf ur stunning how did I get so lucky?”), Disick joked with her little. The reality star replied, “It’s not bad thanks.” LOL. He didn’t even acknowledge the fact that she’s not wearing clothes. He also just made fun of her a little bit because like, how do you ask such a simple question when you post a pic like that? The banter is all in good fun. We love it.

Richie and Disick have been dating for two years, despite the fact that most people thought they wouldn’t last much more than a couple months. Their age difference is pretty intense—Disick is two decades older than the model. Fortunately, it appears they’re still in good spirits and are enjoying teasing each other.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

 Sofia Richie Went Topless On Instagram & Scott Disick Has Some Thoughts

Instagram/Sofia Richie.

But things seem to be going well for these two, though they did appear on a rather awkward episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It takes place on a family trip to Finland, and Disick, Richie & Kourtney Kardashian have quite an interesting interaction in the hot tub. Take a look below.

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