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We’d Totally Stream A ‘KUWTK’ Spinoff Featuring Khloe & True

They’re truly scrumptious, truly truly scrumptious. Honest, truly, they are. Khloé Kardashian and True might be getting a KUWTK spinoff, and we cannot contain our excitement. Truly. (Ok—we’ll stop). But honestly, this is very cool and we’d love to Khloé’s sweet little baby on the reg. Plus, any new addition to their franchise will surely garner LOTS of attention because…well, they’re the Kardashians and the world can’t seem to spin without updates.

The Kardashian and Jenner girls have spent well over a decade having their lives on public display, and it’s looking like it won’t stop anytime soon. On Sunday evenings, fans gather for the inevitable drama that comes with watching KUWTK. This past Sunday was no exception. In the latest episode, which aired last night, Kim was hit with some backlash over her shapewear brand’s former name—Kimono. It was seen as extremely culturally insensitive. And then Kim and Kourtney had a fight over candy. Which, I mean, fair. Candy is v important guys. But the most interesting part of the episode was the clip of Kourtney and True which basically just served as a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Khloé and momager Kris Jenner sat down with producers to talk about a potential new collab. Khloé’s idea is to call the show Khloé and True Take The World. And it seems like the producers definitely want to pick it up. However, it will be aired in an entirely different platform that we’re used to. As opposed to other spinoffs like Kourtney & Kim Take Miami and Life Of Kylie, which were both aired on E!, this new spinoff may just go straight to the internet. Cut out the middle man.  “We want to shoot and put this on the internet as soon as possible,” a producer told Khloé, suggesting the show may stream online instead of on E!. Considering most fans stream things online anyway, it does make a lot of sense in this modern era.

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It’s unclear whether the show, if it gets the OK, will be on YouTube or another streaming platform. However, it’s pretty likely it will get picked up. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see more of this sweet face?

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A true angel.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

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