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Shoppers Call This Serum From a TikTok-Loved Brand a ‘Magic Eraser’ For Smile Lines & Lip Lines

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By now, you’re probably well aware that your skin loses collagen with age, resulting in a loss of elasticity (A.KA. sagging, fine lines, etc.). While some seek to alter these changes with medical procedures, others may opt for a less invasive route, such as ‘botox-like skincare.’ Yes, those kinds of formulas are growing in popularity for their filler-mirroring results—just look at the Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Eye Tightener, which swiftly made waves after a viral TikTok video.

If you’re seeking a product that works similarly to the above but for your expression lines, consider the search over: Folks are raving about the Love, Indus Dual Purpose Line Limiter, a formula that instantly blurs laugh lines, forehead lines and lip lines while visibly minimizing their appearance overtime. The brand has been raved about on TikTok by fans (particularly the Brightening Detox Mask), and its 2-in-1 treatment and primer shouldn’t be overlooked.

 Love, Indus Dual Purpose Line Limiter

Love, Indus

Love, Indus Dual Purpose Line Limiter

The product specifically caters to aging skin, so if you’re not experiencing a decrease in collagen production, you may want to bookmark this for later. The Freedom of Expression Serum brings a softer, smoother look to the creased areas on the lips and face, and with regular use, can “bolster thinning skin, enhance lip contours and heal the skin’s fragile areas.” Ingredients like superfoods (kokum), hibiscus extract, senna (similar to hyaluronic acid) and vegan collagen firm and tighten the skin for a more youthful appearance.


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Reviewers are seemingly blown away by its results. As one wrote, “I think I just found a magic eraser for my smile lines. I have been using Freedom of Expression Line Limiter for a while now and I am genuinely surprised to see how much it has helped my smile lines. I seriously love this stuff.”

“I have been using it for about 2 weeks, I use it day and night and so far I like it,” shared another shopper. “The metal applicator feels really good on the skin, it feels really cooling. I personally get botox on the forehead, near my eyes,, and i feel this is perfect for like in-between appointments, it visibly blurs fine lines.”

Grab the Love, Indus Dual Purpose Line Limiter for 20 percent off right now with the code SPRING20.

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