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This Under-$50 Face Cream Delivers Impressively Glow-y Results

Innbeauty Project Extreme Cream Firming & Lifting Moisturizer, $48, available here

Photo: Courtesy of Innbeauty Project

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Beauty products come across my desk nearly every day, and many leave me feeling underwhelmed from a performance perspective and confused from a price point perspective — especially within the skin-care category. Innbeauty’s Project Extreme Cream has emerged as the rare exception, packed with impressive ingredients and results for a modest cost in a world with plenty of overpriced formulas, fancy packaging and hyped-up marketing. 

This peptide- and ceramide-packed moisturizer costs less than $50 ($48, to be exact, with refill pods going for $40), and its impact not only rivals, but surpasses, that of far pricier face creams on the market. 

Innbeauty Project Extreme Cream Firming & Lifting Moisturizer, $48, available here

Photo: Courtesy of Innbeauty Project

At a launch event for the product a few months ago, I was struck by the firming, lifting and anti-wrinkle claims displayed via before-and-after photos from the brand. Of course, these types of marketing imagery should always be taken with a grain of salt, but they were pretty convincing — enough to get me to use the product regularly.

Photo: Courtesy of Innbeauty Project

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I kept using it — paying particular attention to my chest, neck and jawline, where I find I need all the firming help I can get — because I thoroughly enjoyed the UX. The thick, fluffy cream (which is officially fragrance-free, but carries a faintly herbal scent due to the ingredients) is super smooth, and instantly imbues skin with a gorgeously dewy, glow-y finish that shows through even under sunscreen and makeup. (It doesn’t, however, leave things feeling slippery or pill-y.) If you’re someone who prefers a matte finish, this probably isn’t going to be for you — the glow is real.

Peptides are most impactful for plumping and firming when used at least twice a day, so I’ve been incorporating it into both my morning and evening routines. I appreciate that the formula plays well with almost any other ingredient and layers well with a variety of textures. Having stuck to a regular routine with the Extreme Cream over the last three months or so, I’ve noticed a definite softening in the fine “tech neck” lines, and I’m optimistic that it’s also helping to prevent the formation of future wrinkles and sagging. 

From the substantial packaging to the rich texture to the refillable system, every detail of this product feels luxurious. My main complaint? I only wish it came in an even larger bottle, since I tend to go through my refill pods in about three weeks flat. (No one ever accused me of being conservative with my skin care.)

Innbeauty Project Extreme Cream Firming & Lifting Moisturizer, $48, available here

Homepage photo: Courtesy of Innbeauty Project

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