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Must Read: Metaverse Beauty Week Becomes a Thing, Meet the Woman Making Black Fashion History Accessible

Plus, a lawyer explains the MetaBirkin trademark dispute with Hermès.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

Metaverse Beauty Week is happening in June
It’s not just about fashion week in the metaverse anymore. Now, there’s Metaverse Beauty Week, and it’s happening June 12-16 on Decentraland, Roblox and Spatial. “The success of Metaverse Fashion Week was in the gamification. Meanwhile, we are [prioritizing] experiences versus literal replications of real-life shops, which were not as successful [for Metaverse Fashion Week],” Bridey Lipscombe, CEO of Cult LDN, the creative agency putting on MBW, said. For brands, the appeal is in marketing and gathering data on young consumers. Expect contests on the platforms with physical prizes, NFTs for avatars and product sampling opportunities. However, many details have yet to be solidified. “We can only move as fast as the environments allow us to, so a lot of the conceptual ideas aren’t technically possible yet,” said Cult LDN CCO Cat Turner. {Glossy/paywalled}

Shelby Ivey Christie is committed to making Black fashion history accessible
What is archived becomes part of history. What is left out is erased and forgotten. Shelby Ivey Christie told Highsnobiety she continued witnessing a lack of Black fashion history knowledge among her colleagues while working at companies like InStyle, W Magazine, Vogue and L’Oréal. So Christie became an archivist, using social media to spread knowledge and history lessons. “There was always this duality: I [knew] about mainstream fashion, but there [was] the Black world of fashion that my white counterparts, and the industry as a whole, did not have knowledge about, did not highlight, didn’t look into,” she said. “It affects the future of our creatives and their outputs. If someone can see someone who looks like themselves occupy a space, a role, or innovate something in an area that they’re interested in, it might be inspiring to them.” {Highsnobiety}

A lawyer breaks down the MetaBirkin trademark lawsuit with Hermès
The Hermès Birkin is one of the world’s most exclusive and expensive handbags — so much so that Hermès won’t sell one to a customer unless there is an extensive relationship and purchase history. When Mason Rothschild began selling NFTs titled MetaBirkins, Hermès filed a complaint that “accused Rothschild of federal and common law trademark infringement, false designation of origin, trademark dilution, cybersquatting, and injury to business reputation and dilution under New York General Business Law.” The court ordered Rothschild to pay the French luxury brand damages. Most importantly, Above the Law’s new fashion law writer Nicolette Shamsian notes, “this case sets precedent that courts are willing to find trademark infringement between similar digital and physical commodities.” {Above the Law}

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