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Moisturizing Lip Oils That’ll Convince You to Say Goodbye to Lip Gloss Forever

So that 2000s aesthetic is coming back full force—complete with glossy lips. Except this time, it isn’t lip gloss that’s doing the glossy. If you lived through the lip gloss craze like I did, you’ll remember your lips sticking together like fruit or sweet-tasting glue. That’s how lip oil differs—the texture is a game-changer. The best lip oils are actually hydrating, so your lips will look plum and shiny, instead of cracked.

These lip oils are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and moisturizing plant-based oils, so you can feel confident about swiping this oil over your lips. Some boast fun flavors, too, so you can get some of that lip gloss nostalgia without any of the stickiness. There are even a few hypoallergenic oils for people with sensitive lips, ensuring that you can get in on the fun without any discomfort.

We rounded up six options that are totally worth adding to your cart. We’ve got sheer options for those who want the original 2000s look and tinted lip oils for makeup enthusiasts who want to look a little bit more modern. There are plenty of cool colors to browse. One even received a popular celeb’s approval, so you should keep your eyes peeled for that on our list below.

Scroll to shop the six lip oils that you should add to your rotation.


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