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Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Wedding-Party Dress Code

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The Great Wedding Boom that began in 2022 hasn’t slowed down (and probably won’t anytime soon), and new trends emerge every day, it seems. A big one to come out of a joint 2023 wedding trend report from Zola and Pinterest had nothing to do with brides or wedding dresses — rather, it had to do with their party.

Zola found that 69% of couples are eschewing uniform wedding-party attire in favor of mix-and-match looks. Searches for “all different bridesmaids dresses” on Pinterest, meanwhile, increased 520%.

Whether you’re figuring out the color scheme of your own wedding party or have been tasked with finding something to fit into one, consider this your first stop to brainstorm (and even shop) mismatched bridesmaid dresses in a range of palettes and schemes. 

Mismatched Black Bridesmaid Dresses

The supposed “rule” that you shouldn’t wear black to a wedding has long been disproved. In fact, it’s become especially popular among bridal parties: Pinterest reports that searches of “mismatched black bridesmaids dresses” are up 585%. You can have a lot of fun with an all-black dress code, bringing in different fabrics and textures, like mixing sequins with more traditional satins and crepes. 

Prabal Gurung for JC Penney Sleeveless Midi Sheath Dress, $49, available here (sizes 2-18) and here (sizes 14-24)

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Mismatched Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Pinks and blushes are a staple in weddings, from decor to attire — which means you can find options from brands dedicated to bridal-party dressing and contemporary labels alike. In its report with Zola, Pinterest noted that searches for “dusty pink bridesmaid dresses mismatched” are up 85%, so that’s not changing anytime soon.

Reformation Marguerite Silk Dress, $298, available here and here (sizes 14-24)

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Mismatched Navy Bridesmaid Dresses

Navy is another favorite color palette with couples for their wedding parties: According to Pinterest, searches for “dark blue bridesmaid dresses mismatched” are up 110%. The differences between the looks is a little bit more apparent than when you mismatch black, but the effect is still beautiful.

AQUA Ruffled Off The Shoulder Formal Dress, $278, available here (sizes 0-18)

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Mismatched Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

If you wanted to go the printed route, florals are a fun option. Try to stick to a specific type, whether it’s roses or multi-color blooms. Extra points if you match the bouquets.

Kitri Dakota Painted Floral Halterneck Maxi Dress, $280, available here (sizes 2-12)

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Mismatched Jewel Toned Bridesmaid Dresses

Have your bridal party be your own personal Infinity Stones with a jewel-tone palette. You could also pick a single hue, like emerald or ruby red, and find variations on the same gem-inspired color. 

Let Me Be Strapless Asymmetrical Dress, $220, available here (sizes XXS-3X)

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Mismatched Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

Another fun thing you can do is mix monochromatic dresses in one color family — like jewel tones or pastels — with a print that brings different shades together. 

Selkie The Dopamine Flutter Slip Dress, $329, available here (sizes XXS-6X)

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