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Kylie Jenner Hasn’t Split From Travis Scott & Her Latest Pic Proves It

Kylie fans are great detectives: They recently spotted that a familiar photo of the 22-year-old businesswoman and her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott, 28, was suddenly missing from her home via the background of a mirror selfie posted on September 17. Fans worried that this was a sign that the pair had split, but worry not, because Kylie Jenner revealed Travis Scott and Stormi Webster’s photo in a new Instagram Story the following day. A different photo, that is. And we think this one might be even better than the missing flick for one very adorable reason.

As you can see below, this new photo features some of baby Stormi’s artwork. That’s right: We’ve got a KarJenner Picasso on our hands! Finger painting is the new luxe high art, ok? But that’s not what gave fans a sigh of relief over this rumored breakup. Instead, it was the small framed photograph above Stormi’s originals that caught everyone’s attention. In it, Travis and Stormi seem to be sharing a huge laugh, and Kylie is tenderly kissing Stormi on the cheek. So. Cute. Upon closer inspection, it looks like flick was taken during a trip to the San Diego Zoo—which makes this photo an even sweeter memento of baby’s first zoo visit!

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

So there’s no trouble in paradise here, folks. In fact, it looks like Kylie and Travis are too busy basking in their happiness to even notice the rumors. In a following Instagram Story, Kylie shared more surefire evidence that the pair is doing just fine. Remember their Playboy interview? Well, Playboy surprised Kylie with what looks like a ton of roses along her driveway along with plenty of copies of her cover story issue.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Kylie shared another flick of this grand gesture with her Instagram fans, which—if there was reason to worry about Stormi’s parents—completely quells those concerns. After all, who wouldn’t be blissed out by roses and a sexy magazine?


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