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Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Are Moving To Malibu—Their House Is Gonna Be Sick

These two are ready to take the next step in their relationship. Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are moving to Malibu and this time, Sofia is ready to have some real input on their living space. Currently, the duo lives together in Scott’s former bachelor pad in Hidden Hills. However, on a recent episode of Scott’s reality series, Flip it Like Disick–the pair discussed a fresh start in Malibu.

Though Sofia seems to have settled in nicely into Scott’s Calabasas home, both she and Scott got excited about potentially selling the home and looking for something new and enticing in Malibu. “When I moved in, the house did not look like that,” Sofia remembered while looking through photos of the house. “It looked like a bachelor pad.”

When Scott suggests that the Hidden Hills mansion could sell easily, he considers Malibu for their next move. “I just feel like, I’d like to change it up and go to Malibu,” he explained. Sofia agreed saying, “I love Malibu. I’d be down to move to Malibu any day.” Scott then tells his lady that he has a real estate friend that would be more than happy to show them some sick houses.

Listen who wouldn’t be pleased about purchasing a beachside home in Malibu. The model added that she’d really be pleased to put her own stamp on the Malibu home –and it wouldn’t just be about the closet space. Sofia revealed, “I think it’d be fun to move because then maybe I can put a few of my touches on some things. I feel like it would be nice to start over now that I think about it.”

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Later in a confessional Scott got vulnerable about his feelings for Sofia. He said, “I think it’s hard anywhere to find somebody that you can be comfortable with, And, the truth was, without her, I was always looking for somebody or something. [Sofia’s] definitely been that little piece that’s calmed me down and made me a better man, and made things easier in my life.”



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