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Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Star Together, Separately in Latest Gucci Valigeria Campaign

Photo: Anthony Seklaoui/Courtesy of Gucci

In case anyone was wondering — and by anyone, I mean me — the Gucci VIP bookings team appears to have gotten the memo that Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner reportedly broke up. (I wouldn’t be surprised if Kris Jenner herself gave the team a phone call.) Their alleged split is reflected in the latest Gucci Valigeria campaign, which the brand describes as “the next chapter” of the spot first released in September: Lensed by Anthony Seklaoui, the model and the artist pose in separate images (donning full Gucci looks, of course) while featuring items from the Gucci Savoy travel collection.

Taking place at an airport, in one image Jenner is photographed rolling in a Gucci logo suitcase, topped with a duffle, plus toting around a tote bag and a white Jackie. In another, she appears walking out of the airport with only one duffle in hand. (Perhaps she accidentally grabbed Bad Bunny’s luggage out of habit.)

Photo: Anthony Seklaoui/Courtesy of Gucci

Bad Bunny, meanwhile, is depicted the heavy packer, walking into the terminal with a trolley filled with a slew of Gucci luggage. But, let’s give him some grace — he is in the middle of a tour.

Photo: Anthony Seklaoui/Courtesy of Gucci

The first Gucci Valigeria campaign cemented their infamously private relationship in fashion history. Of course, it’s very, very possible both drops of images were shot at the same time, but isn’t it way more fun to add a fan-fiction layer to this release? And I can’t help but applaud that they at least broke up in style — and with a paycheck. 

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