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Kathryn Hahn and Her Turtleneck Are Here to Show Us All How to Dress Appropriately for Fall

Midwesterners certainly know how to dress for seasonal changes.

Kathryn Hahn at Build Series to promote her HBO series, “Mrs. Fletcher.” Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

It’s late October, which pretty much means that most of us on the East Coast and in the Midwest are coping with that crazy, manic, is-it-going-to-be-70-degrees-and-sunny-or-40-and-sleeting-today type of weather. It can present a lot of dressing challenges and makes me, personally, feel like my entire wardrobe is useless.

But Kathryn Hahn is here to show us all how it’s done. Lately she’s been making the press rounds to promote her new HBO series, “Mrs. Fletcher,” and as part of that tour she stopped by Build Series in New York City wearing what can only be described as the ideal fall outfit: a plaid jumper (from Mulberry‘s Spring 2019 collection) layered over a black turtleneck, opaque black tights and black leather ankle boots, all of which collectively say: “I’m practical and know how to dress for this weird seasonal transition, but also can do it while looking cute and put together.” The layering of a somewhat summery dress over a cozy, covered-up turtleneck is particularly smart because it lends versatility to both pieces.

Of course Hahn excels in dressing for weird weather — she’s a Midwesterner. She grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland (just like me!) and then attended college in Chicago at Northwestern (also just like me! We’re basically best friends!). So if she can channel her years of Midwest-informed dressing into a cute-yet-practical fall outfit, so can I. Dress-and-turtleneck combo, here I come.

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