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Jason Derulo Is Being Cancelled For Not Crediting BTS For ‘Savage Love’s Success

ARMYs are not happy after Jason Derulo snubbed BTS in a “Savage Love” post. Derulo released his single, “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat),” with music producer Jawsh 685 in June. The song was remixed and re-released on October 2 with BTS as a feature and new verses in Korean.

On October 12, Savage Love went number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and became Derulo’s second No. 1 single after 2009’s “Watcha Say.” The track also became BTS’ second song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 after their all-English single “Dynamite” in September. To celebrate the success of “Savage Love,” Derulo took to his TikTok this week with a video of him at Catch LA where he bought him and his friends and food that amounted to more than $112,000. “It’s a celebration @catch #savagelove,” Derulo captioned his post at the time.

Though his post tagged some of those with him at his celebration, Derulo failed to credit BTS, which led ARMYs to trend #JasonDeruloIsOverParty on Twitter and accuse him of using the seven-member K-pop boy band—which consists of Jungkook, RM, Jimin, V, Jin, Suga and J-Hope—for clout. Fans also slammed him for not even using BTS’ remix of “Savage Love” in his TikTok, which was the version that went number one.

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“seriously man ??? where’s BTS ??? you’re here on number one chart because of BTS , no hates but seriously you’re here on top because of BTS , don’t worry, now just watch your songs go down on the chart #JasonDeruloIsOverParty,” tweeted user @maulikaGupta1.

“You wouldn’t get here without them. so you admitted yourself that you took advantage of them😒🖕🏻 #JasonDeruloIsOverParty,” wrote user @Selena34396200.

“Jason Derulo really made a tiktok celebrating reaching number one on billboard without tagging or giving credit to BTS and Jawsh like mf you know damn well you would’ve never made it there without them and he didn’t even used the remix version the song that got #1,” wrote user @Abi13834673.

“Jason Derulo really used BTS for a #1 & clout, didn’t credit them, & went out to celebrate with a giant group of people during a pandemic. Let’s get one thing straight, the only reason you hit #1 was BECAUSE of BTS, so you might wanna put some respect on their name & take a seat,” wrote user @tianacards2110.

After the backlash, Derulo tried to do damage control by tagging BTS and Jawsh 685 in a tweet celebrating the success of “Savage Love.” “Wish @BTS_twt @jawsh_685 was here for the celebration! We did it! #1 on billboard chart! Savage Love,” he wrote. Derulo also tagged BTS in an Instagram post, but for many ARMYs, the damage was done.
“We still don’t like you sir,” wrote user @luckyu925. Derulo’s original TikTok is still live and does not credit BTS.

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