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How to Get Ultra-Shiny 'Glazed Donut' Hair at Home

At this point, those of us who have spent any time at all scrolling the depths of BeautyTok are more likely to associate the phrase “glazed donut” with Hailey Bieber, nails and skin than Krispy Kreme or that old stereotype of breakfast pastry-loving cops. Bieber is largely credited with spurring the viral “glazed donut” beauty trend, which has at this point been going strong for more than a year. 

Last spring and summer, glazed-donut nails — a high-shine, pale pink manicure with an iridescent chrome finish worn by Bieber — were absolutely inescapable. The skin-care entrepreneur also helped popularize the concept of glazed-donut skin via her brand Rhode, which simply will not rest until everyone’s skin is thoroughly “glazed,” a.k.a. extremely dewy, glow-y and maybe even a little damp-looking.

Fast-forward to late 2023, and hair is officially getting the glazed-donut treatment: Scores of brands are debuting glossing treatments, salon-like clear “glazing” treatments and shine-imparting oils — all in the name of brilliantly lustrous hair. While the trend is certainly about shine first and foremost, it’s also about keeping hair at its optimum level of health, and restoring vibrancy, elasticity and smoothness.

The other thing about glazed donut hair? It’s for everyone. “The glazed-donut look will suit any hairstyle, from curls, bobs and mermaid waves to up-dos and slicked-back looks,” says hairstylist Chaz Dean, who is also the founder of hair-care brand Wen. 

Cosmetologist, content creator and hairstylist Cassandra Olivia agrees: “Although straight hair types tend to look the shiniest, the glazed donut look can also be applied to healthy curly or Afro hair: A middle part with face-framing layers can help achieve the glazed donut effect on all hair types,” she says.

One expert-recommended way to get in on the high-shine hair trend is, of course, to visit a salon for a pro treatment. “Ask for a luminous, intense shine gloss to add hydration, cure any damaged or dry ends and to revive the hair texture,” advises Michelle Hong, a colorist and the founder of New York City salon NYC The Team. “A gloss can be clear or colored, and both will work to enhance your current hair. It can be left on for as little as five to 15 minutes to give the ultimate luminosity.”

In terms of shine-optimizing hairstyles, Dean notes that blunt cuts can go a long way toward enhancing that glazed effect. “Having less layering in your cut will make sure to showcase the sleek, shiny nature of the final end result,” he says. He also suggests incorporating dimensional, soft highlights to help “draw the eye and show more reflection from the roots to the ends.”

Routine maintenance and at-home treatments can go a long way toward delivering that glossy finish, too. “Most people can get away with washing their hair two or three times a week, or less if your hair is thick, curly or coily. But when you do wash it, use a serum or spray to add extra shine when you blow dry your hair,” advises Olivia. She also recommends using a silk pillowcase, which will “minimize friction against your hair, reducing frizz and [maintaining] shine.”

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Ahead, 21 shine-enhancing treatments, stylers, masks and more to help create (and maintain) glazed-donut hair — no powdered sugar or Bieber genes required.

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