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Fans May Have Just Discovered Lady Gaga’s Next Single…In A Photo Of A Pumpkin

In some truly impressive detective work, Lady Gaga stans have developed an air-tight theory about Lady Gaga’s next single. And because this is Halloween, it involves a photo of a pumpkin. This pumpkin theory about Lady Gaga’s new music sounds far-fetched at first, but give it a chance, okay?

Gaga’s Little Monsters have been having a hard year. Lady Gaga hasn’t released any new music since the A Star Is Born soundtrack came out in 2018. Her last album Joanne is like DECADES old at this point (okay, just three years). Her new makeup collection is very exciting and all, but literally what are Gaga stans supposed to sing to in the shower?! What are they supposed to do with all of their free time?! Obsess over every single thing that Lady Gaga posts on social media, obviously.

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga posted a photo of a pumpkin. She was, it seems, attempting to get into the Halloween spirit by doing some pumpkin-carving, but then she gave up? She simply painted the words “F*CK THIS” on the pumpkin and stuck a knife into it. We feel that, TBH.

According to fans, this pumpkin photo contains the title of a new Lady Gaga single. But no, her song is not called “F*CK THIS,” although that would be hilarious. Instead, the song is supposedly playing on Gaga’s iPod on the table.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

If you zoom in on the iPod, you can see that an unreleased track called “Stupid Love” is playing.

This isn’t the first time that a clue about a track called “Stupid Love” has appeared on the internet. Previously, a stan posted a snippet of one of Gaga’s unreleased songs, and Twitter allegedly removed it for copyright infringement and recognized the snippet as “Stupid Love” by Lady Gaga.

So! As you can see, this pumpkin theory is pretty convincing after all. The Little Monsters will have to wait and see whether Gaga actually plans on putting this track on her sixth album, though.

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