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Did Alexa & Jasmine From ‘The Bachelor’ End Up Together? They’re Finally Letting Us Know

It’s not totally unheard of for two Bachelor contestants to fall in love with each other instead of the lead (2016’s Bachelor Australia saw it happen with Megan and Tiffany), but that isn’t exactly what’s going on here. Bachelor 2020’s Alexa and Jasmine’s dating response after Peter’s season wrapped was really necessary, especially after fans of the contestants began wondering if they were an item now.

The pair sparked dating rumors when Jasmine, 25, posted a photo with Alexa, 27, on Instagram on Sunday, March 1. Fans noticed the post was geotagged to Chicago, which is where Alexa lives—and the following caption led commenters to really read into things.

“Spoiler: we did find love after all🌹,” Jasmine wrote.

Fellow franchise Bachelor in Paradise alum, Clay Harbor, 32, added fuel to the speculations when he posted a series of photos alongside Jasmine and Alexa in his Instagram Stories. He wrote, “my favorite #bachelornation couple,” with a heart-eye emoji.

Turns out, however, that this is really just a platonic love story. Alexa addressed the suspicions via Instagram Stories, where she wrote out the following.

“I wasn’t going to address this because I thought it would just blow over, but I see now I’m getting a lot of questions and the story seems to be getting bigger. We don’t want to mislead anyone. Jay and I are not dating,” she confirmed.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Alexa added, “She’s one of my best friends. I’m sorry to get your hopes up! That would be a great story. She really just thought that was a cute caption and didn’t think much of it. Jay is beautiful, kind, down to earth and very straight. Here’s to our friendship.”

Some fans remained concerned about the angling of Jasmine’s post, though. One Twitter user, @datecardpodcast, suggested that they needed to be careful about queerbaiting their audience. Alexa went back to IG Stories to clear things up with a lengthy clarification. An excerpt reads:

“Why is what happened with Jasmine and I not queerbaiting? One reason: intention. Jasmine posted 2 pics of us that she liked and used a caption that MANY OTHER PEOPLE from our franchise use all the time. And it always assumed as friendship love. She thought nothing of it and truthfully, neither did I.”

Alexa, who has spoken about her sexual-fluidity in the past, continues to diffuse the confusion and criticism over her relationship with Jasmine. Here’s hoping this clears things up for good.


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