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Colorful Sticky Notes to Inspire Productivity and Keep You Organized

If you keep your schedule, to-do list and important reminders all stashed up in your brain, you’re bound to forget something. Why tax your memory when you can write it out on a sticky note? Sticky notes are made for placing in the most random places. Do you keep forgetting to clean out the fridge? Put a highlighter pink sticky note on it. What about that assignment you always forget to turn in on Mondays? Sticky note. Whether you want to put today’s mantra or your task list from your boss, you can use sticky notes to declutter your brain, so there’s more space to focus on what you need to get done.

We’ve found the best sticky notes for you. These sticky notes aren’t messing around. One of our picks, from the most well-known self-adhesive note company, is said to be twice as sticky as your average memo note. Another pick will provide you with what is essentially a six-month supply of sticky notes. While our last choice is very motivational and inspirational for shoppers who like to have a sticky note that reminds them of their priorities. Check out our three picks below to see which one suits your lifestyle.

This story was originally published on June 18, 2020.


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