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Budget-Friendly Workout Tops You Need in Your Athleisure Rotation

Finding a quality workout top can be more difficult than it seems. If you go for style alone, you might end up with an uncomfortable and too-hot top that’s perfect for Insta but not great for your HIIT workout. On the other end of the spectrum, no one wants to look like they’re wearing a sack when they’re working out. You want to look and feel good when you’re working out, so in the spirit of that, we rounded up the best workout tops for women on Amazon.

We found fan-favorite tank tops that are worthy of breaking a sweat and posting a selfie in. There are different types of tops for every type of athlete. If you want something more form-fitting and tailor-made for yoga, pilates, barre and other types of workout where it’s paramount to see your body, so the instructor can correct your form if need be. Runners, HIIT enthusiasts, boxers and cross-fitters might want something looser, so they aren’t dealing with a tight tank top that’s drenched with sweat mid-way through the workout.

All of these tank tops boast moisture-wicking capabilities and  lightweight fabrics. They also come in a ton of fun colors, and each has a unique style, ensuring that you can find something that works best for your needs and wants. Some of our picks might look good out of the gym, too, and wouldn’t be at all out of place at brunch with your friends.

Check out our top four picks below.


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