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BTS’s ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ Just Made Billboard Chart History & The ARMY Is Shaking


The ARMY’s beloved icons aren’t stopping their global rise to the top anytime soon, especially not after BTS’s Love Yourself: Answer made Billboard history. The Korean heartthrobs scored a huge milestone this week after their album re-entered the Billboard 200 charts at No. 165. This re-entry marks the 52nd (non-consecutive) week on the chart for Love Yourself, meaning that BTS achieved a record as the group with the first ever K-pop album to spend a year on the Billboard 200. ARMY, rejoice!

It’s not the first time that BTS has stunned us all—musically, that is. Otherwise, we’ve all swooned when it comes to their style choices (lest I forget to mention Jungkook’s new haircut or the fact that he just got a secret arm tattoo.) While Love Yourself: Answer is officially platinum after earning 1.1 million equivalent album units from streaming, downloads, and physical copies altogether, there’s another BTS record making the rounds. As we all know, their latest EP Map of the Soul: Persona is full of bops—including “Make It Right” and “Dionysus”—making it perfectly primed for the Billboard 200 charts, too. Right now, Map of the Soul: Persona is ranking a little higher than Love Yourself: Answer at No. 149 on the Billboard 200 charts. As for the EP, it’s also already halfway to year-long success: This week marks its 25th non-consecutive week on the chart.

But none of this is surprising for the ARMY, of course. After Billboard announced the achievement for BTS as “the first K-pop album” to have this success, ARMYs were quick to point out that this also marks a more specific kind of history for the group, for Korea, and East Asia at large. In response to Billboard’s announcement via tweet, Twitter user @YoongisPeitho wrote, “by the way, don’t click the article armys. you know they have to pretend like this is a kpop achievement when it’s an army and [ @BTS_twt ] achievement.”

Another ARMY member, @roses_bts, was quick to follow up with a correction to Billboard’s tweet:

1st KOREAN Album in Korean language

BTS always stay true to themselves and don’t conform to western demands to produce English Albums. They are successful on their own terms without sly tactics


Well said—let’s never diminish the accomplishments of a band and country on the basis of genre. BTS deserves more!


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