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BTS’ V Just Called Out ‘Sasaengs’ For Stalking the Group & Honestly, It Had to Be Done

When you’re a globally recognized group like BTS, it means you’re going to have a lot of dedicated fans. Sometimes too dedicated. It’s why BTS’ V called out stalker fans yesterday, explaining that these saseang—meaning “private life”—intruders can sometimes take things a little bit too far. Somebody needed to say the hard truth, and 23-year-old V finally decided to.

V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, took the opportunity to address fans during his recent VLIVE broadcast. Thanks to VLIVE’s official translation, we know what Taehyung stated during the livestream—and it contained some surprising yet honest confessions about superfans. “I should say this on our team’s behalf,” he began, “You know how we get on planes by ourselves? We fly on a charter flight.” Taehyung is referencing the fact that BTS now fly privately—but its due to a frightening reason.

“We actually want to fly on a regular flight,” he continued. “But when we travel long distance or short distance, fans may know beforehand that we will be boarding and sit next to us, or in front of us.” That wouldn’t be so bad if people actually kept their distance; but, of course, that’s not how fandoms tend to work.

“There are those fans,” he added, before explicitly outlining why these kinds of fans are problematic. “In those private spaces, we don’t get to relax as much as we want to. So we were a bit uncomfortable. [And] to be frank with you, we don’t want you to do that. […] It’s really scary.”

The flight situation that Taehyung used as an example certainly isn’t the only instance of stalking or dealing with sasaengs that BTS—or let alone other K-pop groups—have dealt with in the past. BTS’ Jungkook once addressed sasaengs during a VLIVE broadcast himself after the fan called in. “This is a call from a fan. It’s saying ‘You’re doing a V-Live and I just called to check.’ What I do is, I immediately blocked the call. I actually get a lot of calls from sasaeng fans,” he reportedly said at the time.

If you love BTS, then you have to know that the best way to show your support is to respect the guys—especially when it comes to their space and privacy. Now you’ve only heard it from V and Jungkook yourself.


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