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BTS’ Jungkook Might Have Just Hinted at a Justin Bieber ‘Yummy’ Remix Collaboration

BTS member Jungkook is never shy when it comes to spreading love for the music and artists he’s listening to. But after sharing the Biebs’ latest single from the K-Pop group’s Twitter account, many are beginning to think the tweet was actually Justin Bieber and BTS’ “Yummy” collaboration clue. Add this to the fact that Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun also reposted a screenshot of BTS’ tweet with the caption “@justinbieber x @bts.bighitofficial 👀 #yummy,” it seems like a remix might just be on the horizon. Who uses the side-eye emoji when they’re not trying to tell you something?

Fans are convinced that Bieber is trying to get a boost from BTS. Yes, you read that right—after all, BTS have been smashing records left and right. They’re not just a Korean boyband; they’re global superstars in their own right. Yet some ARMYs believe that Bieber is trying to capitalize on their success with an upcoming collaboration.

“bts doing charity,” wrote one Twitter user, while another commented, “justin is literally just trying to feed off their success since his song is flopping.” Similar comments have arrived in the wake of Bieber’s Lyme disease announcement, with social media trolls suggesting that the 25-year-old pop star is only revealing his struggles with the illness in order to build press around his latest single.

Even if this is all true, it doesn’t take away from BTS’ co-sign on Twitter. Whether ARMYs like it or not, Jungkook seems to be on board. And honestly, while Bieber’s lovemaking tribute to his wife Hailey is definitely repetitive, it does have an earworm charm—perfect for radio airplay.

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Justin’s entire album is apparently going to be about to Hailey for holding him down throughout his battles with addiction and depression. And now, we realize he was going through even more during 2019. A collab with a wildly successful group definitely wouldn’t hurt!


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