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BTS Is Officially Working on Their New Album (!!!) According to RM

With more and more details being revealed every day about the forthcoming record from our very own Bangtan Boys, you already know we’re keeping our eyes peeled for BTS’ album 2020 release date, tracklist, and news. ARMYs are constantly sleuthing for the next hint we can find when it comes to their idols’ next moves—thankfully, more has already been revealed.

For a minute there, it seemed like a new BTS album was a lost cause. With the boys canceling their concerts in 2020 in light of recent social distancing guidelines (and in favor of an increased focus on charity efforts), ARMYs were beginning to settle into the harsh reality—alongside BTS—that all plans were being put on hold indefinitely. But things started looking up when BTS members began reconnecting with fans on VLIVE, with streams under the hashtags #StayConnected and #CarryOn. After these, it seems that ARMYs pleas are being heard, and the BTS boys have dedicated themselves to delivering some new music in spite of everything else going on—at least according to RM.

The 25-year-old BTS leader shared some really promising updates about the group and their efforts in a recent livestream. Here’s everything fans are asking after his live vlog.

Are BTS already working on new music?

On April 16, Namjoon took to YouTube to host an impromptu discussion with ARMYs. “This [live] content doesn’t have a particular name or anything,” he explained. “I think we decided to prepare such a thing because a lot of the concerts and such have been pushed back or canceled for a prolonged period of time; we thus decided to try something new.”

But does trying “something new” include new music? According to RM, it does.

So, when is the new album coming out?

With Map of the Soul: 7 released in early 2020, we likely won’t be seeing a BTS album until later this year, if at all. ARMYs can probably wager that the new album will have a release date in 2021, but then again, anything is possible if the guys hustle. According to Namjoon, the boys are already working on something.

“An album will be released,” he promised during his April 16 livestream. “An album is being released, but we’ve only just kicked off, so there haven’t been any in-depth decisions made regarding what sort of song we’ll do, what our title [track] will be like. We’ve only just started talks about it.”

What is their lead single?

While we don’t have any clues to a lead single yet, Namjoon *did* share a snippet of a new song the guys are working on. It’s possible that this one might make the cut as the lead single, but the order of recording doesn’t necessarily dictate that this is the track BTS will stake their comeback with.

In the meantime, ARMYs can expect to hear BTS’ new single “Stay Gold” coming on April 24, which was recorded for a Japanese series premiering the same day. In the past, it was reported that the song was going to be included in BTS’ fourth Japanese album, originally expected in the summer of 2020.

Is there a tracklist?

There’s no tracklist as of yet. But if BTS’ rollout tactics stay the same, we can probably expect to see a sneak peek ahead of their release—and hopefully, that’s soon.

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