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24 Giftable Jewelry Pieces at Every Single Price Point

Shopping for holiday presents is hard. When you’re searching for someone you’re really close to, there’s a lot of pressure to buy something personal. And when you’re shopping for someone you know nothing about, it’s hard to determine what they’d like. But when all else fails, we’ve got your go-to covered: affordable jewelry gifts.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings (not the engagement kind) are pretty much no-fail gift choices, no matter who you’re shopping for. Your BFF? Get them a bracelet with an inspiring message. Your mom? Get her a locket with a cute pic of you two inside. Your S.O.? Get ’em a necklace with your initial on it. Your cousin’s new girlfriend who’s crashing this year’s holiday party, putting a lot of stress on you to buy her something appropriately-priced but still cute? Something sparkly will do.

But of course, as with everything else, finding cute jewelry on a budget can seem impossible. Especially if you don’t want the gift receiver to know it was purchased on a budget. So how on earth are you supposed to find high-quality baubles at a cousin’s-new-girlfriend price?

Shop our budget-friendly jewelry gift guide, of course. Ahead, you’ll find our fave giftable jewelry pieces at every price point—we promise, your giftee will love them.

$25 and Under

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

BP. Set of Five Imitation Stone Rings

These rings is gorge for stacking, and for some reason, rainbow jewelry is everywhere right now. We’re not complaining; the trend is totally eye-catching.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Panacea Circle Tassel Earrings

If you don’t own a pair of tassel earrings yet, you’re long overdue—and this set is perfect for a nighttime holiday party. The itty-bitty gold accent adds a little shine, and the material is way nicer than you’d expect for a $25 jewelry buy.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Mia Colona x Urban Outfitters Coin Pendant Necklace

We can’t believe this necklace only costs $24—it’s so beautiful and gives us major vintage vibes. Flaunt it layered with other necklaces or by itself with some matching earrings.

jewelry 14 24 Giftable Jewelry Pieces at Every Single Price Point

Free People Teeny Tiny Mega Stud Earring Set

These babies are the perfect sparkly accents to any high neckline (hello, turtleneck season). Wear a bunch at a time for full effect, or pair one set with some hoops for an edgy, layered look.

jewelry 3 24 Giftable Jewelry Pieces at Every Single Price Point

She Believed She Could Bracelet

This bangle is perfect for anyone who needs a message of inspiration during the holiday season. MantraBand makes tons of different phrases in several different metals, so you’re sure to find something that works for your giftee.

$26 to $50

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Baublebar Delisa Pearl Hoop Earrings

Your BFF will love these colorful hoops. They’re perfect for special-occasion outfits that need a little flair. Plus, they’re super versatile, and can be worn all year round.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Baublebar Angela Initial Pendant Necklace

This chunky initial pendant is perfect for your S.O.—give them one with your own initial on it, and get one for yourself with theirs. It’s an inexpensive yet sentimental piece they’ll never take off.

jewelry 18 24 Giftable Jewelry Pieces at Every Single Price Point

Baublebar Alidia Ring

This rainbow baguette style is so popular right now. Whether you’re buying it to spread a message of inclusivity, or you’re simply a maximalist, this ring is a shamazing gift for any loved one (or yourself).

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Baublebar Gloria Drop Earrings

We’d better see these hanging from some ears on New Year’s Eve.

jewelry 20 24 Giftable Jewelry Pieces at Every Single Price Point

Kate Spade Set in Stone Hinged Bangle

This simple bangle is super versatile, and can be worn with practically anything. It’s perfect for stacking with other silver or gold pieces, and will always add a little bit of shine to your wrist.

$51 to $75

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

BaubleBar Freshwater Pearl & Imitation Pearl Layered Y Necklace

Looking for a gift for your ultra-girly friend? We’ve got you covered. This layered gold and pearl necklace is gorgeous.

jewelry 5 24 Giftable Jewelry Pieces at Every Single Price Point

Initial Card Necklace

This intricate initial pendant is a work of art—plus, it looks way more expensive than it actually is. Vintage vibes or bust.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Mejuri Layered Spheres Bracelet

The minimalist build of this layered bracelet is super trendy, and it’ll really stand out on your wrist, whether or not you stack it. Plus, we guarantee everyone will be asking where it’s from.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Gold Pavé Shell Earrings

We love a good pavé. The contrast between crystal and gold makes these hoops pop—but they still feel super effortless.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Baublebar X Montserrat Sunflower Safety Pin Earrings

Before you call these bad boys “too edgy,” think of the possibilities—paired with a sleek cocktail dress, they’re totally elegant. In other words, they’re giftable for anyone.

$76 to $100

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Baublebar Lina Bracelet Set

We know we keep telling you to stack your bracelets, but we’ve got a good reason: It’s damn cute. And these ones are sure to make a big statement.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Sorrelli Skylar Stud Earrings

These studs are so delicate and feminine, we just had to include them. They play nice with anything and everything.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Mejuri Locket Necklace

If you’re shopping for someone super important to you, this necklace is a great gift. Lockets are so sentimental—include a pic of you and the giftee for major holiday bonus points.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Tory Burch Enameled Raised-Logo Stud Earring

The Tory logo is absolutely classic, and the detail on these tiny earrings is unbelievable.

$100 to $200

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

J.Crew Cluster Drop Stone Necklace

Because everyone loves a good sparkle.

jewelry 10 24 Giftable Jewelry Pieces at Every Single Price Point

Argento Vivo Personalized English Font Necklace

This necklace is so in right now. Put a name, nickname or inside joke on your giftee’s neck to make it totally their own.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Lafonn ‘Aria’ Rectangle Cushion Cut Ring

Disclaimer: not an engagement ring. But it’s a pretty good precursor.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Gifts Affordable

Gas Bijoux Cadaques Earrings

These hoops are beyond unique—we’ve never seen anything like them. Perfect for your friend who hates dressing with the mainstream.

jewelry 11 24 Giftable Jewelry Pieces at Every Single Price Point

Asha Horn Bangle WT

This cuff is straight-up captivating. Like, we literally can’t take our eyes off it. How many is too many?


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