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13 Perfect Gifts for the Proud Pet Parent

You know exactly who I’m talking about. The person who calls their pets their “children,” despite the obvious difference in genome. The person whose home is overflowing with pet toys. The person who has a separate Instagram account for their pet and captions every photo through the pet’s point of view. That person. And aren’t they just so great? So here’s a shopping guide full of fun and cute gifts for pet lovers. Because they should be protected and spoiled at all costs.

And, yeah, you’re right, them owning a pet is already a gift that keeps on giving—but why not amplify this experience even more with some gifts (or pet stocking stuffers) that any pet owner would love? We’re talking personalized leashes, life-saving pet cameras, and actually cute (and functional!) pet carriers. Oh, and robotic toys designed for pets to chase. (Those exist!)

Think about it: A pet gift to your beloved pet-owning pal would essentially be a pet gift to your pet-owning pal’s pet, too. And don’t we just love a good two-for-one deal? Scroll through for the best gifts to get the pet lover on your list.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

Wild One Air Travel Carrier

Not only is this airline pet carrier not totally hideous for once, it also folds out into a pet bed, so that the little doggo or cat has a place to sleep while traveling.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

brklz New Years Leash and Collar Set Rhodium: Limited Edition, Originally $105

Good gosh, is this a handsome leash set? You even get to customize it with the pet’s initial!

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

brklz Metal Love-Letter Collar Charm, Originally $35

And if you just want the initial pendant, you can purchase that separately, too.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

Buy: VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot $89

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

Behold: A robot toy that dispenses treats and runs around your house, egging your pet to play with it. Perfect for the pet that’s a tad bit bored/lonely at home alone or the pet that’s being introduced to a fitness routine. It even comes with one of those dangling feather things that cats love oh-so-much to chase.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

Buy: YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy $14

YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy, Originally $21

Here’s another smart pet toy—but specifically for cats!


STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

BarkBox Subscription, Starting at $35/Month

This is like Birchbox, but for dogs.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

ED Ellen DeGeneres Plush Heart Rope Pet Toy, Originally $10

You really can’t say no to a $5 dog toy, especially if it’s made by Ellen DeGeneres.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

Wild One Collar Walk Kit, Originally $108

Try to convince me that this leash and collar kit isn’t chic. I’ll wait.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

Buy: Cube Smart Tracker $25

Cube Smart Tracker

Attach this to the pet’s collar and boom, it’s a Bluetooth enabled tracker, in case the beloved pet (*knocks on wood*) goes missing.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

Oliver Gal Custom Pet Portrait, From $139

Just send in a photo of the cutie-pie pet, and one of the Oliver Gal artists will, legit, paint them for you, using one of these templates.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

Buy: Embark Dog DNA Test $100

Embark Dog DNA Test

Finally, with this breed-identification DNA test, y’all can stop calling the pup a “mutt” and hurting their feelings.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

Buy: Furbo Dog Camera $134

Furbo Dog Camera, Originally $249

For the pet parent with separation anxiety—or just the pet parent who wants to keep an eye on their fur-child when they’re away at work.

STYLECASTER | Gifts for the Pet Lover

Wild One Dog Toy Kit, Originally $64

These dog toys were designed to look good laying around your house—and we couldn’t agree more.


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