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Zendaya Dressed As A Rainbow Cowgirl For The ‘Space Jam’ Premiere

I love very few things the way I love a Zendaya red carpet look. Whether she’s dressed to the nines in an exquisite gown or pushing fashion’s boundaries in something unexpected and fresh, our girl knows a thing or two about making a statement and virtually no one else on the carpet can compare. I wasn’t sure if she’d dress up or down at the Space Jam: A New Legacy premiere, but her rainbow cowboy aesthetic makes me feel like she opted for a little bit of both.

If you didn’t grow up watching the OG Space Jam, I hereby give you permission to stop what you’re doing and stream it. If you’re working, send this story to your boss as a sort of doctor’s note; you’re excused until you see this film! The film starred Michael Jordan alongside Bugs Bunny and his animated Looney Tunes crew, as they teamed up for a game of life-changing basketball against some dangerous aliens.

In the new Space Jam, LeBron James fills Jordan’s (very large, very famous) shoes—but fashion fans are arguably more excited about Zendaya as Lola Bunny. It’s clear Z loves her character, too, because she told Entertainment Tonight that her look was inspired by Ms. Lola herself.

STYLECASTER | Zendaya Space Jam Look

The Mega Agency.

I can totally see Lola rocking this Moschino two-piece, complete with Western-inspired detailing and rainbow color-blocking. We don’t normally see Z rocking short-shorts, and the contrast of the skimpy bottoms with the buttoned-up blouse is especially playful.

To complete the look, Zendaya opted for pointy white Loubs and minimal jewelry. Her glam was equally understated, with a subtle cat eye flick and a hint of gloss on the lips, her full brows penciled-in to perfection. As for her hair, a deep side part emphasized a very swishy brown ponytail, which gave the actress Ariana Grande vibes in all the right ways.

This ‘fit is in no way Zendaya’s usual style, but it somehow makes perfect sense on her. No one else could pull this off without looking like a bizarre Rainbow Brite cosplay, but there’s seriously nothing she can’t rock.


STYLECASTER | Zendaya Space Jam Look

The Mega Agency.

And while I’m here to hype up Z’s look in particular, I’d be remiss to not mention some other Space Jam: A New Legacy red carpet standouts. If you told me that former Dance Moms stars and sisters Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler coordinated with Zendaya ahead of the premiere, I’d totally believe you. Their outfits definitely struck a similar chord.

STYLECASTER | Zendaya Space Jam Look

STYLECASTER | Zendaya Space Jam Look

Maddie copied Z’s little-shorts-long-sleeves look but opted for metallic green, with a Dolce & Gabbana jacket worn open to show off a black mesh corset. Just as Zendaya loves a little color-blocking, Mackenzie feels the same, although she went with a tonal blue color-blocked moment in snake-printed denim with a matching jacket and simple white tank. Bonus points for the very on-theme basketball handbag.

TBH, I’m a little crushed these three ladies didn’t all get a picture together. The vibes would have been immaculate! But either way, the amount of flawless fashion on the premiere red carpet tells me Space Jam: A New Legacy will definitely be worth watching.

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