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Zara’s First-Ever Lingerie Collection Celebrates The Female Gaze

Hi, was no one going to bring Zara’s lingerie collection to my attention? I went to their site to do my usual online lusting (I mean, shopping) and suddenly was met with an array of bras and panties. I thought I was on the wrong site! In reality, though, Zara had just launched a brand new category.

The entire lingerie collection, advertised on the site under the headline “The Female Gaze,” features 158 pieces. It’s not just bras, undies and lingerie—the range also includes sleepwear, robes, tees, leggings, sleep masks, cashmere socks and other lounge accessories. Like most of their offerings, the prices vary quite drastically. Just as you can find a $9.90 tee or a $250 coat, you can shop underwear for around $18 or a silk PH top for $200.

With our world as it is, more and more people are opting to invest in loungewear and sleepwear that makes them feel good—after all, these days these pieces get far more wear than the going-out looks we’d typically turn to Zara for. It makes sense for the company to pivot and add a stay-at-home element that shoppers can treat themselves to.

STYLECASTER | zara lingerie collection

Courtesy of Zara.

All the lingerie imagery was shot to look like vintage film (or maybe they used real film, but this is Zara we’re talking about) to create a particularly dreamy vibe. Models sprawl out in silky pajamas, strike a timid pose in dainty lingerie and almost always make direct eye contact with the camera. Perhaps that’s part of The Female Gaze angle the collection implies.

While the pieces are definitely sexy, they also look comfortable, and Zara said designing genuinely wearable lingerie options was their main focus. “A parallel femininity is explored through a more ‘everyday’ approach, designed with the intent of being worn from morning through night,” Zara said in a statement, courtesy of WWD.

STYLECASTER | zara lingerie collection

Courtesy of Zara.

Just like all popular Zara pieces, I’m willing to bet the best of their lingerie will sell out quickly. If you want yours before that dreaded “Out of stock” notification, head over to the Zara site now and treat yourself to something silky and soft.

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