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Young Chrissy Teigen Looks So Much Like Zendaya in This Photo & It’s Blowing Fans’ Minds

Two days after the Cravings author was called Selena Gomez’s twin, young Chrissy Teigen may be Zendaya’s look-alike, and there’s a photo to prove it. According to fans, a recent Instagram of Teigen from her childhood days looks a lot like Zendaya, and TBH, the more we look at the photo, the more we believe it.

The Lip Sync Battle cohost took to her Instagram on Wednesday, February 13, to share the following photo of her in a T-shirt with the phrase, “It’s not easy being cute.” We don’t know how old Teigen was in the picture, but she couldn’t have been older than 8. But it wasn’t Teien’s cute-AF expression or freckle-filled face that swarmed her comments; it was how much she looked like Zendaya. Here are a few comments from fans who believe that young Teigen was a Zendaya look-alike.

“I thought this was a young zendaya.”

“This lowkey looks like a young @zendaya.”

“I seriously thought this was zendaya.”

“And now you look like zendaya!!!”

“Is it just me or does she kinda look like zendaya??😂😂

“Woah I thought this was a pic of Zendaya when she was young.”

“Okay. For a sec i thought this was Zendaya.”

For comparison, here’s Teigen’s picture followed by a photo of Zendaya as a child. To be fair, they do look pretty similar.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram
Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Zendaya isn’t the only celebrity Teigen has been compared to this week. After Teigen posted an Instagram of her in her tweens, fans compared the following photo of her to Selena Gomez.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Just how many celebrities does Teigen look like?


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