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You Wouldn’t Believe Which ‘Love Is Blind’ Contestants Were Friends Before the Show

In the world of reality television, it’s easy to think that everything we’re seeing is exactly as is in the real world. But scripts, production, and editing can do wonders—which is why we missed that Love Is Blind‘s Jessica and Kelly were best friends long before the series aired on Netflix. Yep. If you’re shocked, welcome to the club.

Look, we’re still scratching our heads trying to figure out what Gigi’s actual job as a “soulpreneur” entails, so this recent news à la Love Is Blind is really throwing us for a loop. Jessica Batten, who was engaged to Mark Cuevas on the series, spilled the beans during an Instagram Q&A in early March.

For some reason, a follower had the inkling of an idea to ask, “Did you know Kelly before the show?” To everyone’s surprise, the 34-year-old contestant replied, “I’ve known Kel for 10 years!” As evidence, she attached a photo of the pair looking young and brunette on vacation years ago.

Naturally, fans of Love Is Blind were shook. “This gives me a headache,” wrote one Twitter user. We feel you. But honestly, you also have to admit: some things make so much more sense now.

All those one-on-one scenes of Jess and Kelly having serious conversations over Mark and Kenny in Mexico take on a whole new meaning. It also explains why Kelly always seemed willing to chat with or support Jess when nobody else was. As another Twitter user put it, “What. This makes their convo together even weirder.” Re-freaking-tweet.

When it all boils down to it, though, it isn’t that strange. As the original poster on Twitter suggests, “tbh I think it’s probably quite a normal explanation. like maybe one of them applied and told their single friends and they decided to do it too not thinking they would get picked and then they both ended up in the final selection + also getting engaged on the show.” Besides, all contestants were plucked from the same city of Atlanta—there’s bound to be some crossover!

Would you go on a series like this with your bestie? Would you be friends with Jess or Kelly, anyway? Whew. We’re torn.


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