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You Can Use This Palo Santo-Scented Moisturizing Cream Just About Everywhere

I have roughly 93,624 moisturizers in my possession. This is the one I keep using to the very last drop.

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Usually, the skin-care products that bear the most claims of being able to “do it all!” are the ones I approach most skeptically. Oh, really, that one ingredient is “Botox in a bottle,” but can also magically cure rosacea, give you Hailey Bieber’s (lack of) pores and ward off evil spirits? It’s gonna be a no from me, Mr. Snake Oil Salesman, sir. 

But every now and then, a multi-tasking formula comes along that truly does deliver an impressive array of benefits and offer a wide range of uses. Take, for example, Cle Cosmetics Multi Cream — it’s right there in the name: This stuff has a multitude of uses, a thick-but-fast-absorbing moisturizing cream laced with the soothing, earthy scent of palo santo wood. It’s become my go-to daily hand cream

With a base of moisturizing shea butter and glycerin, it’s also spiked with hydrating hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to prevent moisture loss and enhance tone. A tiny dab goes a long way toward softening scraggly cuticles and soothing over-washed, parched hands, all without leaving behind a slippery film. But because the ingredients are such overachievers, the formula can also be used as a face cream, body moisturizer and even on hair to smooth down flyaways and tame split ends.

I particularly love keeping it in my bag when traveling — you never know what potentially unpleasant scents you’ll encounter on a plane or in an Uber, and taking a quick whiff of the cream instantly calms, grounds and centers me. For the same reason, it’s also the perfect addition to a pre-bedtime ritual. So, although I have roughly 93,624 moisturizers in my possession, this is the one I keep using to the very last drop on repeat (then racing to replace).

Cle Cosmetics Multi Cream, $32, available here.

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